Sweet New Merch for the Iron Man 3 Release


I’m currently wishing that I was as rich as Tony Stark because the impressive new collection of Iron Man 3 inspired merchandise has me checking my account for expendable income. In anticipation of the film’s May 3rd release, Marvel has launched a product collection that has something for everyone. The products epitomize what we love about Tony Stark: impressive tech and an aesthetic that screams bad-boy cool. The collection involves an impressive array of apparel, gadgets, customizable figures and cool toys. Even a billionaire playboy philanthropist will drool.



First up are the toys: The Iron Man 3 Assemblers Action Figures and Battle Vehicle, as pictured above, feature interchangeable pieces for a wide variety of play options. The figures each have 25 armor combinations, with 16 figures total to interchange pieces with. The Battle Vehicle boasts a figure launch feature and places to attach the weapon arm pieces. Each figure is sold separately and the Battle Vehicle comes with one figure and 3 interchangeable battle arm accessories. The Assemblers Action Figures are $9.99 each and the Battle Vehicle is$19.99. Intended for ages 4 and up. For those of you who love lights and sounds, the Sonic Blasting Iron Man Figure (below) is a 15 inch scale model of the Night Ops suit, featuring lights in the chest and eyes, battle sounds and heroic phrases, glow in the dark armor and a motorized missile launcher. The figure includes 20 missiles but not the 3 AA batteries it requires. SRP: $29.99. Intended for ages 4 and up.


For those who like to be Iron Man rather than just play with him, there’s the Arc FX Mission Mask ($24.99) and the Motorized Arc FX Gauntlet ($19.99). The mask features dual missile launchers, a light up visor and a targeting light effect that really immerse the wearer in the Iron Man experience as well as sound effects and heroic phrases. The Gauntlet is something I want myself: wrist-mounted motorized nerf-disc shooting action! Both are for ages 5 and up…I totally fit in that age range!

 MissionMask Gauntlet

Finally for the toys we’ve got the coolest R/C thing I’ve seen in a while: I’ve got three words for you: Flying. Iron. Man. 14 inches long, reaches heights of 300 feet, super tight control…this is way way cool. It’s $80.00, takes 6 AA batteries and is set to be released in the fall.


Next we’ve got the Iron Man 3 Lego playsets…and they are pretty sweet. We have three sets: Iron Man vs. The Mandarin: Ultimate Showdown ($12.99), Iron Man: Malibu Mansion Attack ($39.99) and Iron Man: Extremis Sea Port Battle ($19.99). Ultimate Showdown features Iron Man and Mandarin minifigs as well as an armored car with missile launch action. Malibu Mansion Attack features a science-y mansion, helicopter and five minifigs Tony Stark, Mark 42 Armor, Pepper Potts, the Mandarin and Extremis soldier. Finally, the Sea Port Battle set has a speed boat with missiles, an “exploding” buoy and Aldrich Killian, Iron Man with Mark 42 Armor and War Machine with shoulder cannon minifigs.


We’ve got some excellent costumes out as well. First, there are these beauties by Disguise. Classic muscle costumes for boys running $29.99 come in Mark 42 and Iron Patriot…as do the $69.99 Adult Deluxe Costumes.

ClassicMusclePatriotMuscle DeluxeAdultPatriotDeluxeAdult

There’s also this fantastic Disney Store exclusive five-piece Iron Man suit for boys, which costs $59.95


For those of you who prefer a more casual-wear costume experience, we have these Iron Man and Iron Patriot adult fleece hoodies by MAD Engine, coming out this May. They range from $59.50 – $63.50 and will be available at Hot Topic.


And for maximum comfort, check out this awesome UnderArmour, running $49.99 for boys, $59.99 for men.


Threadless Tees have 22 fantastic Iron Man 3 designs ranging from $18.50 – $23.50 and available in sizes for men, women, children and toddlers.


And when the time comes to beat the summer heat, boys will have some fantastic swimwear options from the Disney Store. ($7.50 – $19.50)


Now, in true Tony Stark fashion, we have the gadgets. These are co-branded with iHome. There’s a classy-looking alarm clock/speaker system ($49.99), rechargeable character speakers ($29.99), noise-cancelling earbuds with a graphic travelling pouch ($14.99) and awesome padded headphones (totally my style) with volume adjustment ($24.99).


For the home we’ve got some seriously epic lamps. And I mean epic. First, there’s this 3D wall lamp that looks like Iron Man himself head-butted his way through your wall. Can you say best nightlight ever? It’s exclusive at Target for $29.99. And here’s the one I might just clear out my bank account for: the $150.00 levitating Iron Man lamp. There’s a ceiling projection, lights and did I mention that IT LEVITATES?!


More on the collectibles front: We have these sweet little Micro Muggs figures from Hasbro. How adorable are these? They run $1.99 each.


We also have the new Pop! Iron Man figure ($9.99) and Iron Patriot Wacky Wobbler ($11.99). Gotta love a bobble head.


Here’s some random things for the kids: A sweet bicycle (ranging from $79.99 – $89.99) a folding scooter ($29.99) and some fruit snacks for when you need to take a break from all that fun saving-the-world action.

BicycleScooter    FruitSnacks

Finally, here’s some sweet stuff to prepare you for the feature film: There’s the Movie Storybook, $9.99, and the Suits of Armor Storybook , $3.99, from Marvel Press. Then there’s the free Armored Avengers App for iOS narrated by Stan Lee himself. There’s music from and inspired by the film on the Heroes Fall Album, $10.00 from Marvel Records and available April 30th. And, for the big movie itself, collector’s edition RealD3D glasses. See the film in style for just $10.00 at participating theaters.

IM3_Movie_Storybook_cover_OTP.indd Storybook2



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  • There are some pretty cool statues coming from Kotobukiya, too! There is a Mark 42 and War Machine ArtFX statue. If you haven’t seen them yet, you can find them here:


    I enjoyed the post. There are definitely a lot of cool IM3 toys and collectibles!


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