ZOMBPOCALYPSE NOW: TEEN WOLF – What You Need To Know About The Wolves That Are Teens


With The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead on break, Mr. Adair fills brings us up to speed on his favorite show: Teen Wolf!  Whether you’re a fan of the show or know nothing about it, this episode of Zombpocalypse Now will tell you what you need to know about the Wolves who are Teens!

Teen Wolf Logo




Seasons 1-5, Season 6 Episodes 1-5
Developed for Television by Jeff Davis


Dustin: Hey, you did add music!

Timothy: Yep. The actual Teen Wolf theme, in fact.

Dustin: That’s right people! It’s Teen Wolf on Zombpocalypse Now! With the Walking Dead shows on break, we’re sitting down to talk about my favorite show on TV right now, and bringing Tim along… kicking and screaming.

Timothy: There was neither kicking nor screaming. I did have questions and comments to make about the episode we watched, but you also give a pretty thorough primer for those of us who may not have much – or any – familiarity with the MTV show.

Dustin: There was a lot to cover, yes, and if people are coming in now, there’s a lot to catch up on. Still, the episodes are available pretty much everywhere, and it’s a really fun show.

Timothy: I was entertained, I have to admit it. So, sit back and hear Dustin explain about the Wolf Teens and their world, and hear my first thoughts on the show, on this week’s Zombpocalypse Now!

Dustin: And hey everyone… We’d like to wish you all Happy Holidays and thanks for listening to us here. We hope you’ve enjoyed our ramblings and we look forward to rambling even more in 2017!

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Teen Wolf airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on MTV.


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