Fear the Walking Dead is done, The Walking Dead is almost back, #TeamZombie already took a week off from its Zombpocalypse Now podcast, so Mr. Harvey and Mr. Adair turn their jaded eyes to Syfy’s new creepypasta series, Channel Zero: Candle Cove!




Season One, Episode One
“You Have to Go Inside”
Directed by Craig William Macneill
Written by Nick Antosca 

Dustin: OK, right off the bat, let’s just point out that Ann Laabs is writing recaps regularly of Channel Zero.

Timothy: She is, and you can find her recap for the first episode here.

Dustin: BUT! We wanted to watch it, too, and we like to talk about things, so we couldn’t resist watching this incredibly creepy show and telling all of you about it. Because this show is incredibly creepy. Incredibly. Creepy.

Timothy: It is, and with all the grief we’ve given Syfy, it’s nice to see them get their act together over the last couple of years, because if they had tried this just a few short years ago, it wouldn’t have been anywhere as good.

Dustin: This is really good, and it’s @#$%ing terrifying. Which is kinda amazing for a PG13 rated show that’s trying to bring creepypasta from its home in the written word to television. This could have gone really wrong, but it didn’t.

Timothy: Yeah, it’s really good. We may have to come back to this a bit even as we deal with The Walking Dead. Which is back Sunday. And we’ll be back next week with our thoughts about that, like we do. Thanks for listening!

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