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2:12, “Season of the Hexenbiest”

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This was the final episode of this year. This was a tight episode that felt like the tightening noose. The loose ends of several story lines are close to being tied up. I am sure I’m not alone with my dismay at the ending of this episode. The only thing that made it slightly more palatable was the “sorry”.

Spoiler Alert

This was not an episode with a murder case for our detective team to solve. It didn’t need a case to carry it. There is plenty going on with the current story lines. And the audience has been waiting for some pay off for the months of build-up that has led to this episode. The problem is that in a very smart move the audience is left hanging again waiting for more. The catalyst this week is Adalind and her relationship with each of our main characters.  Adalind’s alliance with Eric (Sean’s half brother) has given her more resources and more power. She also is privileged to some trappings she is quite enjoying. Nick is nearly frantic when he learns that she is back in town, and with good reason. She is on a vengeful path of destruction lashing out at Hank first. He fears that Juliette will be her next target. And while she is next it’s not the same kind of attack. She is working Juliette for information and she doesn’t have to use violence to get that. Juliette is very trusting and also very vulnerable at this time.

Nick and several other police arrive at the coffee shop and arrest Adalind. This is a great episode for actress Claire Coffee as Adalind. You can just see she is having a blast with this. Adalind is playing both Renard and Nick to try and get the key. If she can return to Eric with the key she expects to be rewarded. Adalind’s motivation is to accumulate as much power as she can. She will step on or sacrifice anyone along the way to her goal.

You know that feeling when you know more than a character and they can’t seem to connect the dots to learn what you already know? I have been feeling that way with Nick. The audience has been privy to more information than any one of the characters has. But it feels so obvious that Nick should be able to start making these connections.
So lets go back and see just what he knows and see if this is as obvious as it seems. He knows that his Aunt Marie was a Grimm. He knows that Adalind was trying to kill Aunt Marie. He knows that Adalind has tried several ways to get at Nick. She injected him in the hospital. She poisoned Hank. She poisoned a cat that she used to infect Juliette.
Nick knows that there is a royal in Portland. He knows that the Verrat would like him dead. He knows that Juliette was poisoned with the cat scratch. His Mother told him that only a royal would be able to wake Juliette. And that there was a royal in Portland.  Since Juliette woke he should at least guess that it was the royal that woke her. Juliette lost only her memories of him. Captain Renard has been asking about Juliette more than seems appropriate. And by the end of this episode he knows that Renard and Juliette sought Monroe’s help with their mutual obsession.

Does Nick have enough information that he should know that something is up with his Captain? Maybe make the connection that he’s the royal? I’m not sure. I also don’t think he’s given much time or effort to figuring out who the local royal is. Perhaps he doesn’t realize what this means to his safety, position as a Grimm and the safety of those near him. I don’t know exactly what it means but I am sure they are connected.

Nick can’t take the betrayal of Juliette being attracted to another man. He’s done sleeping on the couch and playing the part of the patient boyfriend. He packs a duffel bag and heads to Monroe’s. Monroe has been the friendly shoulder, supportive friend, even host to both Juliette and Nick. He also ends up helping to ambush the Verrat that attacked Hank. This part seemed so sloppy. Nick is a cop and yet he goes after the Verrat with seemingly no plan. They leave the bodies. He asks Monroe to take their IDs and cellphones along with the murder weapon back to his house. Doesn’t it seem like that is setting Monroe up for a heap of trouble? To top it off he runs back to the police station and reports to Adalind in her cell, just what he did. Or at least he says enough that she knows what he means. Not that the news bothers her. In fact she makes the off handed comment that there are plenty more where they came from. Like I said her goal is power and that’s all she is concerned with.

I am also surprised that Monroe hasn’t figured out that Renard woke Juliette and that to do that he must be the royal. Let’s see, Catherine came into the spice shop for the ingredients for the purification potion. Catherine told Nick’s Mother that it would have to be a royal to wake Juliette. So we’ll help them make the jump here that Catherine probably gave the purification potion to the royal. Juliette wakes up soon after Catherine died. And who is Juliette suddenly having an obsession for… Renard. Maybe I am expecting too much of the characters. It just seems to me that when he realized where he’d seen Renard from before he came to the shop that he’d also realize the rest of it.

Maybe that’s what is coming next year, Nick and Monroe figure out the connections. Juliette figures out who is who and what is what. But, maybe not, this whole thing could and probably will get drawn out for many episodes. I hope you have enjoyed the trip so far. If you have been along with the show this far you’ll be looking forward to its return.


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