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WATCH_DOGS: Hype and Tribulations

May 28, 2014


    It seems that bug filled launches are becoming the social norm for video game companies as time progresses.  Studio deadlines become shorter and shorter as companies want the product in the consumer’s hands as fast as possible to maximize profits at the expense of players and the play experience.  There is a reason […]

Saint’s Row IV: Nolan North Strikes Back

April 14, 2014


‘Merica Dev: Volition Platform: PC, Xbox360, PS3 Rating: M   Ah, Saint’s Row.  As a gamer that always roots for the underdog, I have a special place in my heart for Saint’s Row and Volition Studios.  From their humble origins as a step away from from GTA: San Andreas, they have come quite a long […]

Titanfall: So Much Potential, Too Many Bullets

March 13, 2014


Amidst all the buzz and glamour, hype and excitement, I’d like to take a look at the recent release Titanfall.  To begin, I’d like to point out that this is yet another EA First Person Shooter, as if we don’t have enough of those already.  This game is a sort of “good news/bad news sandwich” […]

Video Games Celebrate the Holidays Too

December 25, 2013


From Azeroth to our solar system, video games (especially online ones with a constant community upkeep), are celebrating the holidays with various bits of festive content. Some games are more blatant than others with their celebrations with full DLC packs or even gifts from an “In game” version of Santa, though some are a little […]

Blizzcon 2013 Wrap-up

December 15, 2013


Sadly I didn’t get to experience much of Blizzcon 2013.  The flash player that they had chosen to use was pretty awful, so many segments were not available, even with a paid virtual ticket.  I’m on the fence on whether I will purchase another virtual ticket.  It is really really sad that you can charge […]

WANDER OVER YONDER: Hillbilly Charm In Space

December 12, 2013


On a distant planet, somewhere in the deepest reaches of space comes a cartoon to Disney XD (the cartoon-only channel of Disney).  It features two prominent voice actors for the main characters such as April Winchell for the blue horse like creature named, Sylvia, and Jack McBrayer voice of Wander (who also voiced Fix-it Felix from […]

PS4 Launch: So The Battle Begins…

November 15, 2013


If you are unlike me and have a loose $500 that is burning a hole in your pocket, the PS4 comes out today.  Like the corporate battle we bore witness to at E3, Sony has decided to pull “ahead” of the Xbox one (or as I’ve lovingly started saying, the “Xbone”…ALL HAIL THE PC MASTER […]

Steam Powered Console: Half-Life 3 Rumor?

October 24, 2013


There has always been something about Valve as a company.  It seems to have this shadowy blob that tends to mask and obscure the very essence of the company’s game development.  Rumors and wild speculations by those in the gaming industry (and video game journalists) seem to attribute quite a lot of pageantry to Valve’s […]

Little Big Planet 2: A Whole Lot of Sack’n Around

September 29, 2013


Game: Little Big Planet 2 Dev: Media Molecule Platform: Playstation 3 ESRB Rating: E for Everybody With the PS4 looming around the corner (along with the dawn of new consoles promised in the next year or so), I thought it would be nice to put down a review or two from the limited interactions I’ve had […]

STARCRAFT II Swarms the N00basaurus

September 17, 2013


Dev: Blizzard/Activision Platform: PC ESRB: Teen I just want to put out there, that I’ve been a huge fan of Starcraft since the beginning.  Ever since Jim and Sarah got together back in the 90’s.  In fact, I have fond memories of it being my very first strategy game.  I was huge into the customizing […]

The Brony Bar Trot (A.K.A. How To Kick Off Bronycon Right!)

September 14, 2013


Let me first begin this by expressing my thanks to those that hosted the convention and put together the awe inspiring event that was Bronycon 2013.  Overall, for its size (and it truly was massive at about 8,400+ registered attendees), the con ran incredibly smoothly.  There were some issues with long lines and technical difficulties, […]

N00basaurus Watches Movies Too: PACIFIC RIM

July 13, 2013


Movie: Pacific Rim Director: Guillermo del Toro Rated: PG-13 Giant monsters vs other giant things has been a long running genre tradition in movies.  Filmmakers have been fascinated by the subject ever since King Kong and Giant Ex-Girlfriend from the golden and silver ages of cinema up to Godzilla and Voltron.  Even though these kinds […]

No really, it’s Deadpool, THE GAME!

July 6, 2013


Game: Deadpool Platform: PC, Xbox 360, PS3 Dev: High Moon and Activision ESRB: Mature (M) <– Not for the Young’uns. OK, I’m staring this one by saying: “Because this is a ‘family friendly blog’ I am unable to express the sheer mind-blowing properties that this game has to offer”.  A couple of years ago, I […]

N00basaurus’s Pre-E3 Expectation List

June 11, 2013


As E3 (the world renown Electronics Entertainment Expo) gets underway, it seems like a good time to put down my expectations for this year’s video game mecca.   You see, E3 is where the great mystics and village elders gather around a gigantic onyx crystal inside the cave of majestic mysteries and consult with the […]

BIOSHOCK: INFINITE – Big Trouble in Little Columbia

May 23, 2013


It’s once again time to put on the top hat and monocle and talk a little  of the game’s brief history: Bioshock is one of those “Legacy” titles.  Legacy in the sense that when you shout “Bioshock” into a crowd of gaming nerds, such as myself, everybody in the room asks “Big Daddy?”  There have only been 2 other […]


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