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SciFi4Chicks: Black Widow and the Challenge of the Female Hero

The Chicks discuss Black Widow and her place in solo movies, Netflix, toys, and more. Does she deserve her own stand-alone place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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LEVEL ELEVENTY-SEVEN Ep. 90: Captain Nazi and More Marvel Cinematic Universe News

In the first summer 2016 edition, we discuss Captain Nazi, LEGION, the X-Men, THOR, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, and more. Excelsior!

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H2O #101: In Which We Discuss Deadpool, Studio Suits, and the R-Rated Superheroes

It’s only a matter of time, James Gunn says, before Hollywood takes the wrong lesson learned from DEADPOOL and goes nuts with R-rated superhero films. But is that the right move? Can superhero movies broaden out to cover more adult themes?

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Marvel On Screen: What We Know So Far

  There’s been quite a bit of news surrounding Marvel Studios of late, so we’ve collected it all in one

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