SUPERNATURAL #200: You can’t spell subtext…


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Episode 10.4 “Fan Fiction”

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It’s been a long time coming, and those of us who’ve been on this trip with the Winchesters get to enjoy an episode that was as hilarious as it was touching.


The Winchesters are off on a hunt that leads them to investigate a teacher’s disappearance at a girls academy. When they arrive, they find themselves confronted with the strangest dose of meta they’ve ever had to experience: a musical about themselves. A budding playwright has come up with a musical all about the boys; at least, how the boys were written in the Carver Edlund books we heard so much about when Chuck the prophet was around. Now the boys have to fight another supernatural phantom, but as all good theater kids know, the show must go on.

This was a fantastic tribute to the ten seasons and 200 episodes that dedicated fans have enjoyed in the past. Shippers within the fandom get their nods — my personal favorite was them mentioning Destiel. Dean might actually notice the tension between him and Cas. I loved how they casually mentioned Adam, and that also opens a possibility that maybe the brothers will finally do something about their brother in hell. It was a great time to watch, as the writers poked fun of the show and the characters constantly. It gave the 200th episode a spirit that really reflected the show and all it’s done in its 10 years.

Fan Fiction

At the same time, “Fan Fiction” reminded us not only of the love fans have for the brothers, but the bond they have as well. The finale of the episode particularly was heart wrenching. A lovely rendition of “Carry On My Wayward Son” made me cry this time around. It’s a song that most fans consider the call of their people. It’s a classic, and it reminds anyone who’s had to experience a Supernatural season finale of the pain they’ve felt for these characters and the love that we have for them.

I think Sam and Dean needed to see themselves through someone else’s perspective. How they are joy and hope for some people. Saving people, hunting things. That’s what they’ve been meant to do since they were little. That’s how this show started, Dad went on a hunting trip. Now, years later, here they are. They’ve lost a lot along the way, but they’ve gained as well. New friends, a new perspective, and a new zest for saving people the way they used to do.

Past this point is SPOILERS. If you haven’t seen the episode turn back now.


Fan Fiction


Still with me? Now we can talk about the important bit. We haven’t seen him since “Swan Song”, but Chuck Shurley is back. And if we are to believe what most of the fandom has accepted, that means God is back as well. I had suspected as much the second Marie went running up to meet him. I wasn’t sure if the writers would go through with it. But to my delight, Chuck has returned. Even if he isn’t God, it would be nice to have the prophet from season 5 back. This could mean something big for the boys. I honestly have no clue where they are going, but as someone who loved Chuck and his character, I’m ridiculously excited about his return.

This episode was witty, thoughtful and just what we needed to honor 200 episodes of Supernatural. I am so glad that they took a great event and really paid respects to all the time and people who’ve been a part of the series. “Fan Fiction” was a celebration of Supernatural in all its strange, but appealing glory. We still have a long road ahead, and I’m eager to see what our boys are up to next after this bonding trip.

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