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STAR WARS Holonet Weekly: Plots Uncovered, Holiday Teasers, and When to Spend Your Money

Rumors all around this week from the big screen to the little screen and to your pocket books. Let’s dive in!

So, Reddit user u/Xyzsvtabc has popped up in the Star Wars Leaks Community with some interesting information they learned at a Star Wars Marketing presentation by Disney which discussed all things for Star Wars in 2019. They talked about the new Disney theme parks and more on Galaxy of Adventures. They also discussed the Fallen Order video game which should be released in November. The story takes place five years after Revenge of the Sith and follows a padawan that survived the efforts to kill the Jedi.

Not much more was said about the plot except running into other characters from some of the comics. They also did hit on Episode IX, lightly. What was mentioned was it takes place about a year after The Last Jedi and the conclusion of the Rey/Kylo battle. Apparently Kylo has got his helmet back, forged together with some red adhesive, kind of like what we saw with Darth Maul’s head tattoo. Plus, it seems BB-8 is getting a buddy named Dio. Now readers are pointing out that in Battlefront 2, there is a droid by the same name but does not fit the same description as the Episode IX character with a cone-shaped head. Guess we will have to wait till the movie or trailer to find out more.

Now where it gets more fun is when they turned the conversation towards The Mandalorian. They showed a reel of Jon Favreau discussing his excitement for the project and how they are reaching into the EU for stuff. They also talked about the plot for the series. u/Xyzsvtabc states “The main thing I remember here is that the central plot revolves around the main character and a baby. I guess the Mandalorian encounters a baby on one of his missions that he is supposed to kill, but instead of that, he ends up saving it and a lot of the rest of the story revolves around their growing relationship and his efforts to keep the child safe and protected.”

This is starting to support what Jason Ward from Making Star Wars had learned about the series in 2017. He was told that it was “about the heir to Mandalore and the hero was on a quest to restore Mandalore.” Now like any rumor, take it with a grain of salt. But what has been confirmed by Ward is that Tattooine is a location for the series after spotting Jawas on the set.

Some info
byu/Xyzsvtabc inStarWarsLeaks

Speaking of not taking rumors too seriously, here’s one that may make the holiday season better for Star Wars fans. Collider’s editor-in-chief, Steven Weintraub, shot out a tweet earlier this week about how December is a big month for trailers and Disney fans looking forward to first footage from Frozen 2 and Star Wars. So, if this is true, could Disney be following their marketing strategy from The Force Awakens? The first teaser for Episode VII did debut 13 months before the film’s release. Maybe give us either a title and/or teaser, then release something more substantial at Star Wars Celebration in April? Let’s hope so!

Another rumor is the date for Episode IX’s trailer release: Force Friday; you know, the day we spend a TON of money on all the cool merchandise for the new film? A source over at claims it will be on October 4, 2019, 11 weeks before the films release on December 20, 2019. This is almost a month sooner than the Force Friday for The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.

So, are Disney and Lucasfilm working on a strategy to put less time between events and keep the crazy energy ball rolling towards the film’s premiere? It’s not like they need help with it being the Star Wars brand but after the backlash against The Last Jedi, maybe the two companies are looking at how to learn from the past and make this be the big bang that one would expect from the conclusion of this saga.

That’s a wrap for this week. Look for us next week for the happenings around our favorite galaxy!

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