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Roundup 6.9.12 – FALLING SKIES

For Father’s Day, father of three and resistance fighter Tom Mason returns to the 2nd Massachusetts as they fight for the survival of humanity as Falling Skies returns for season two.

So, what happens to Tom? TV Addict has this interview with star Noah Wyle, talking about what happens next for the history professor who took the bold step of getting on the spaceship (even though the writers have admitted to io9 that they have no idea why they put themselves into that box…).

TV Guide has a preview video looking at the questions that haven’t been answered yet:



Entertainment Weekly has promotional images for season 2, including a girl who clearly has some kind of Skitter harness attached, but it looks a little more extensive than what we’ve seen before.

To catch up on the background of the show, the site Three if by Space has character profiles, a Q&A with new executive producer Remi Aubuchon, and much more. They also have an interview with Moon Bloodgood and Colin Cunningham.

Aubuchon also spoke with SpoilerTV about the second season and what’s in store for the 2nd Mass. He says the goal of this season has been to ramp up the tension and action, and to show the characters figuring out how to work together toward a common goal. [SpoilerTV]

And if you felt a little short-changed that you didn’t see much of the big battle at the end of the season finale, you can catch up with the Falling Skies online comics. They fill in the gaps and help flesh out some of the story. Including some “diary” recordings from our favorite misfit, Pope.

For those who want an idea of where the show is going by the end of the season, you can find anticipatory descriptions of the final three episodes – along with speculation – at ScreenCrush. And there are other spoiler-ish descriptions of episode 7 at

Buddy TV talked with Connor Jessup about the upcoming season, which picks up three months after Tom went into the spaceship. And Ben Mason is a very different character now. “He’s become violent and aggressive and very physical, and that’s very different from who I am. It was a challenge.” In the interview, he discusses the process of making the show, and how he’s getting much more to do this season. [Buddy TV]

Wil Wheaton gets in on the act with a new post-episode web show called “2nd Watch”, in which the boy genius discusses the episode with members of the cast and creative team. The show will live on the show’s web site. [Examiner]  [Hollywood Reporter]

Meredith Jacobs has plenty of headlines collected at the Falling Skies Examiner space, so we’ll share that with you rather than copy everything she’s already done.

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