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Roundup 1.28.12 – THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

in theaters July 20, 2012

So, we’ve all seen it: the opening credit sequence designed by Doğan Can Gündoğdu. And while many are calling out the similarity to the titles on Se7en, it says in the video description, that this was done as “a video lesson”. Perhaps for a class?



Toy News International has new images of some tie-in merchandise for not only TDKR, but also for “Arkham City”. Images for the movie busts first appeared on Superhero Hype, and they show quite a bit of detail in the costumes for Batman, Catwoman and Bane.


Liam Neeson is currently on the press junket to promote The Grey, but MTV Splash Page had to ask about the impact Christopher Nolan has had on the franchise. “He seems to have upped the ante quite a bit, hasn’t he,” Neeson said.

Meanwhile, Neeson told ShowbizSpy that he was on set shooting scenes as Ra’s Al Ghul, but claims that he knows nothing of the story.


Speaking of the Ghul line, MTV News has this examination of the “Miranda Tate” character played by Marion Cotillard. It’s almost a given that she’s actually playing Talia Al Ghul, even though no one will confirm that. (However, we do know that a young Talia is in the film, so it’s an easy assumption to make.)


Anne Hathaway loves her catsuit. That’s what she tells FanShare, saying everything on the suit has a practical reason to be there. The page also has links to notes from other cast members, including Neeson and Morgan Freeman (but be warned: there’s a NSFW photo of Hathaway at the bottom of the page. We have no control over the content of other sites.)

For more Hathaway-related news, check out the Daily Glow for several links.

Of course, now that Rachel Dawes is dead, there’s room on Bruce Wayne’s dance card for Selina Kyle to slink her way into the game. And in an interview with Newsarama, DC’s Paul Levitz may have let slip a little clue that may (or may not) have anything to do with the movie. Den of Geek is speculating that the return of Huntress’ “Helena Wayne” identity in the upcoming World’s Finest New 52 title – teaming up Huntress and Power Girl on Earth-2 – may not be an accident. Helena Wayne – Huntress’ pre-Crisis identity – is the daughter of the Earth-2 Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle. But in the post-Crisis continuity, she’s been Helena Bertinelli, daughter of a mob boss. Does this have anything to do with the movie? We’ll find out soon enough.


And check out this new behind-the-scenes photo of Tom Hardy (Bane). The scar undoubtedly comes from the connection he makes with his strength-enhancing devices. [Den of Geek]


MTV News also got a few minutes with Cillian Murphy at Sundance. Murphy still hasn’t confirmed his involvement in the third picture, but he’s very excited about the film and says Nolan is “just phenomenal”.


And is Robin in the movie or not? Several items have been spotted, leading to speculation that Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s “John Blake” character is yet another cover identity. Check out some hints over at and let us know what you think.


Also, check out the next issue of “Comic Con Carne” over on our YouTube channel. We have details about more tie-in toys. [Twitter #ComicConCarne]

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