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Episode 3.20 “The Inheritance”


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As her Mother’s Day gift my daughter has written the bulk of this week’s post.

Alright, hey everyone, this is Maggie, Maia’s daughter, and I’m here to tell you all about this dumb episode. Guess what. There’s gonna be spoilers, because that’s how I roll.



Anyways, so we get started in this episode with a really adorable family dinner. Monroe, Rosalie, Nick, Julliette, and Trubel [who I’m totally in love with by the way] all sit down to a wonderful spaghetti dinner (spaghetti sounds fantastic right now). ANYWAY, they’re all sitting down to dinner when Trubel gets all emotional [well emotional for her anyway] and talks about her past. We find out when her first encounter with Wesen was.

Back when she was still in foster care, there was a guy. The guy was cool and nice to her, right? Nah. Not right; guy was a huge tool who wanted in her pants, or to kill her. Either way he’s crappy. Well, she messed him up pretty bad when he woged and said “grimm” and she’s like whoa what’s that. Anyway bad guy, screwdriver stabbing, tell people what happened, get put in a mental hospital.

Grimm - Season 3

Cut to guy, Josh, standing outside Nick’s house. I’m sitting watching this and I’m like nuh-uh don’t you DARE mess up lovely home dinner. Josh calls. Wants to talk to Nick. Won’t say who he is. Hangs up. I’m like oh. Then we see the guy go into a hotel and guess who’s in the hotel? Stupid idiot meanie FBI guy. Well, he’s looking at the guy who called and then another guy goes in the elevator with him. They share small talk about cable maintenance in the elevator. When we see caller guy’s dad, Rolek, he’s insistent that he get to talk to Nick. Jsoh is like “nah Dad, you’re old and crazy”.

Maintenance guy knocks on the door. Nope, it’s the guy from the elevator. He charges, and then Dad kills him and Josh is like “whoa what?” They leave the hotel and break into an old gas station building. Rolek killing the Verrat hitman in the hotel room, and now breaking and entering a building, has Josh freaking out. Rolek plans to hide out there waiting for Josh to bring Nick to him.

Next we see Trubel and Juliette, and Juliette’s being nice and stuff, and they’re all happy and Trubel is like “I don’t want to get used to this” and Juliette’s like “nah, that’s dumb. You’re a good person; I want to take care of you like a good person would.”

Grimm - Season 3

Adinilnd is up to NO good. She calls Juliette at her vet office claiming her “cat” is sick. What she really wants to know is if Juliette is home or at work. Renard is like, “hey girl whatchu doing”. And she’s like “ohhhh nothing” while she casually takes off her robe like the cheap seductress she is.

The caller dude, Josh, is like “ohhhh no we’re out of food” and old guy is like “just get Nick”. He keeps saying he knows Nick is a Grimm, and Josh isn’t sure what his old man is talking about. Then old dude gives his son a picture out of the book full of Wesen stuff, and tells Josh to find Nick show him this picture.

Rosalee is struggling to hold it together in the spice shop. She has a customer questioning her recommendation, a delivery person needing her attention and a phone call about a problem with the wedding all at the same time. Monroe happens into the room at the same moment with another wedding question. He finds her at her wits end and whisks her into the back room to catch her breath. Rosalee is worried about their wedding and it’s not the typical cold feet. She says something that I’m sure will be prophetic, she thinks something terrible will happen. Rosalee and Monroe then cuddle and he comforts her. She’s like, “oh Monroe I love you!” I’m sitting in front of the TV, crying and saying “YEAH YOU DO!”

Then Renard is putting Wu on watchdog duty, keeping an eye on Adalind. Meanwhile Nick and Hank are talking about when Trubel killed those (Lebensauger) leechie things, and Hank is like “so do we have a problem?” and Nick is like “nah, son. Trubel covered her tracks hella”. Oh, so i was just doing this for my mom on Mothers Day, because that’s what good kids do, I guess. So now I’ll hand it off to the lucky lady and she’ll bring it home. Take it away momma!

Thanks Dear. This episode set up more for the season finale than I expected from it. There’s Rolek, the older Grimm, who with the help of his reluctant son, finds Nick and hands off his trove of Grimm artifacts. The most important of these being another key. I wonder what Kelly would say if she knew that Nick was sharing information about the keys with so many of his friends. I don’t see how sharing that is in any of their best interests’. Being privy to knowledge of the two keys places each of them in danger with some really bad people.

Grimm - Season 3

Of course next week will feature Monroe and Rosalee’s weeding. It will also apparently have a strong Adalind storyline. Did I not say that striping her of her baby would have consequences? That is not the sort of thing that mothers get over. It will be her motivation and driving force for the foreseeable future. Now she has in her possession a spell book that has given her a way to make polyjuice potion. And who’s her target? Juliette. I can’t see how this is going to lead her to Diana but I’m sure the writers are working on it.


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Maia Ades resented the demanding schedule of first grade, as it interfered with her afternoon TV schedule. Now she watches TV for "research" and in order to write show reviews. She is currently involved in independent film production, and enjoys creating fine art.

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