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ONCE UPON A TIME Music Filled The Air

Episode 620 “A Song In Your Heart”
Written by Andrew Chambliss & David H. Goodman
Directed by Ron Underwood

This was a very special episode that can only be properly reviewed in one particular way.  clears throat

The time has come at last, to join a growing cast
Of shows with episodes that had singing in the past.
I loved this one because, as silly as it was,
It had that certain charm that this show usually does.

It was a story which, Snow White, she made a wish,     (Gennifer Goodwin as Snow White)
And made the show a musical, now that surely is a switch!
Prince Charming and Snow White knew they could win the fight,     (Josh Dallas as Prince Charming)
Because love and music alone could outweigh evil’s might!

Then a rock opera scene that starred the Evil Queen     (Lana Parrilla as the Evil Queen)
Showed at her darkest that she could be really mean.
It was rockin’, yet, as fun as it would get,
I expected Meat Loaf to show up to sing a duet!

Snow and Charming went to find a certain gent
Named Captain Hook, but he himself was particularly bent.     (Colin O’Donoghue as Captain Hook)
The Crocodile it seems, left revenge as what he dreams.
Hook’s thirst for vengeance against the Dark One, taken to extremes.

I’m disappointed at the lack of a pirate chorus line. (ABC/Jack Rowand)

The spell was strong because it stretched out clear to Oz.
The Wicked Witch took advantage of the situation that it was.     (Rebecca Mader as the Wicked Witch)
She thought it would be fun to have the spell undone,
To help Regina and show Rumple that he had chosen the wrong one.

And everything in song didn’t last for long.
Evil Queen used a box that made everything go very wrong.
The situation worse, the rhyming done in verse,
Came to an end when Regina broke that curse.

Blue Fairy made that spell and surely it went well.     (Keegan Connor Tracy as Blue Fairy)
In Emma’s mind in Snow White’s womb the songs would start to jell.
But this witchery, all too conveniently,
Would soon be wiped from everybody’s memory.

And then in Storybrooke, we got to have a look
At Snow helping Emma get ready to marry Captain Hook.     (Jennifer Morrison as Emma)
And then it all went down, blackening her gown,
Fiona, the Black Fairy, was alive and still in town.     (Jaime Murray as Black Fairy)

And in a move unjust, before leaving in a gust,
She loaded up the clock tower with a bunch of fairy dust.
She offered up this gem, that at the stroke of six p.m.,
A curse would be enacted that would threaten all of them.

With the greatest of ease, and with much expertise,
Regina and Zelena made a potion so time would freeze.
Then in came Mr. Gold with his heart ever cold,
Took and used it on Emmas family and friends so bold.

And then Emma rushed in to face Fiona again.
Black Fairy showed Emma her frozen family and friends.
Emma gave up her heart. Fiona thought she was smart.
But she couldn’t crush it or tear it apart.

At that point, Henry rushed in, told her of the music within.
And with a song, she got the upper hand again.
It freed them of their fate, being frozen in that state.
Black Fairy vanished with only her fury and hate.

This can’t be the happy ending. There’s still another week left! (ABC/Jack Rowand)

So the wedding was held as their happiness swelled.
They sang a big song until the joyousness was quelled.
But then when it came six, out came the greatest of tricks.
Black smoke came out of the clock and put them all in a fix.

They walked down the aisle, amid evil so vile.
But at least we got to see Grumpy with a true sincere smile.     (Lee Arenberg as Grumpy)
There were questions explained, but on question remained:
How is a psychiatrist officially ordained?     (Raphael Sbarge as Archie)


To be honest with you, I had several melodies running through my mind when I wrote that. So come up with a melody of your own. I’m sure it will be quite lovely.


Once Upon a Time airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

Daniel C. Handley

Dan Handley was raised a Trekkie, fell in love with "Star Wars" at an early age, and became obsessed with comic book superheroes. He spent his youth dreaming of how to get real superpowers, starships, and so on.

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