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MINORITY REPORT Slowly Moves Forward


S1E4 “Fredi”

Episode Four of Minority Report has Dash going undercover to catch the murderer. Murder, sexy times, a party… all in the line of duty, right?

Dash goes to Arthur’s house and interrupts him when he’s with a woman. Annoyed, Arthur tells Dash about Agatha’s vision. Dash insists that Vega is not the enemy.

Lieutenant Blake addresses all the new civilian analysts for Hawk-eye, and reminds them that they are not police officers. Dash, Akeela, and Vega are focused on protected Dash’s identity. His bracelet beeps, and he has another vision.

Charlie and Agatha meet for coffee, and Agatha tells him to finish the job and gives him a package with instructions on it.


The team goes to Wally’s to record the vision. Akeela and Wally don’t get along very well. They figure out that the killer is Cayman Bello, a wealthy man who is having a philanthropy party. Dash and Vega decide to go.

At the party, Dash and Vega split up and Dash begins talking to Bello’s assistant, Fredi Kincaid. She is also the victim in the vision. Vega, Dash, and Akeela meet back up to try and think of ways to get closer to the victim, and Dash says he will just ask her out. Despite Akeela and Vega’s doubts, he does so successfully. Dash and Fredi go to Cayman’s BBQ.

Arthur meets with Charlie, and he agrees to get him an identity with high security clearance.

Dash is wearing the same contacts that Vega uses and an ear piece so that Vega and Akeela can keep surveillance on Dash. At the party, Dash gets into it with Bello and they leave. Fredi is happy to leave, and they go downtown. Fredi tells Dash that her sister died while she was with Cayman and his friends, and she blames him for her death. Dash says that he will help her.

Arthur tells Dash to meet with a guy he knows to recreate Cayman’s eyeball. They use DNA from a glass that Cayman use, and successfully get the eyeball.

Vega and Akeela find no record of Fredi having a sister. Meanwhile, Dash and Fredi go back to his apartment and have sexy times. Vega is still doing surveillance on Dash so that’s a little awkward. Dash tells Fredi about his past (without mentioning that he’s a PreCog) and Vega becomes frustrated because he’s giving away so much information. Fredi wants to find proof that Bello was with her sister when she died so that he can be held responsible.


Akeela finds out that the name of Fredi’s sister is Allison Carrigan, and that Fredi’s real name is Ricki Carrigan. Akeela tells Vega that Hildebrand, one of Bello’s friends that was there when Alison died, overdosed 6 months ago in a rehabilitation center. Fredi was his last visitor.

Vega goes to Dash’s apartment to tell him, and he doesn’t believe her. Vega is forced to leave so she doesn’t break Dash’s cover, and Dash takes out the earpiece.

At Metro, Charlie gets through security and pulls information from a computer.

Dash and Fredi go to Cayman’s house, and Fredi is able to gain access to the main entrance. Dash realizes he has made a mistake in helping her, and she reaches Bello’s room. She uses the eyeball to gain access and locks Dash out. Vega is on her way to Bello’s house.

Fredi confronts Bello and pulls a gun on him. Dash is able to get into the room using a doggie door, and tells Fredi that he called the police and they are on the way. He tries to calm her down. Fredi shoots Bello in the leg. Fredi kisses Dash, and he lets her go. When Vega and the police arrive, Vega informs Bello he is under arrest. His music provider keeps track of location, and it is proof that he was present when Alison died and did nothing to help her.

Vega tells Dash he got too close to the victim, and to be more careful.

Charlie and Agatha meet again, and Charlie gives her information about photonic containment and PreCrime. He threatens her, and she tells him the US Marshall’s are on their way. She tells him to go out the back way, and he is shot and killed.


This week’s episode was just as bleak as last week, if not more so.

Dash continues to be a tortured soul. Despite his anxiety that he struggles with, he is able to go to a party and then ask out a woman he barely knows. I find this to be at least a little odd, and I kind of like the nervous Dash better. The Dash in this episode was reckless, which is more of Vega’s style. Fredi and Dash seemed to have really connected with each other, especially since Dash let her go. Time can only tell if she will make another appearance in the coming episodes.

No new character developments for Vega, but Akeela is getting more screen time. We learned that she also has a dark past – shocking. (I am dripping with sarcasm here, just in case you couldn’t tell). Unfortunately the writers of Minority Report believe that a character needs a dark side to be interesting. That is not the case, especially when the rest of the cast ALSO has secrets from their past.

I’m not quite sure what Agatha is planning to do with information from PreCrime, unless she is looking for plans for rebooting the program. Which would mean that the program would have to be secretly organized because it is unlawful, plus the show already has Hawk-Eye. The only direction I see this plot line going is that Agatha is misinterpreting her vision.  I also thought that the PreCogs could only see into the recent future, so shouldn’t her vision have already happened? Maybe it’s because her powers are stronger, but it hasn’t been addressed yet. So who knows.

Minority Report has done a fine job of giving audiences a new and interesting murder mystery every week, but it doesn’t do any good if the characters have no real development. Like I’ve said in previous recaps, the conversations the characters have all sound the same, and could use a little more life. The idea of the show has some real potential, but only if the audience can connect with the characters. The most fun part of the show, for me at least, is all the references they make to the present day.

On that note, Obama is on the 500 dollar bill, which is pretty cool. So that was my favorite present day reference in this week’s episode.


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