SciFi4Chicks: It’s Raining Men in GOTHAM

Another week, another episode of Gotham, and Alex and Heather are here to share their thoughts (and in Alex’s case feels) about “The Balloonman”, in between of the usual digressions.

Before you proceed, be warned. There will be spoilers in this installment of SciFi4Chicks. If you choose to listen to our podcast, you will learn what happened to The One Ring, who’s Luke’s father and whom will Barbara marry in the future (hint: not Montoya).

Aside from spoiling your favorite plots, we talk about being disappointed with the A plot and completely in love with Fish. Penguin continues to act like an adorable deranged puppy, Montoya and Barbara reveal there’s more dark past between the two than we previously thought and Arkham is still on everybody’s mind.

Recap: GOTHAM Isn’t Full of Hot Air

Tune in for another hour of titillating conversation as we discuss the casting process of getting a new Cabana Boy, lack of shirtless men and what’s in store for our heroes. Let us know what your #HolyWTFBatman Moment is and comment with your #BestBaddie and best #SecretIdentity in the episode. We will see you next week for more Gotham goodness!

The panel: Heather French, Alex Callahan.



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