Happy Birthday to @ActuallyNPH

Neil Patrick Harris can not be defined by anything except awesome.  The man has survived being a teen heartthrob, gracing the internet as Dr. Horrible, hosting the Tony Awards (TWICE!), working the day-to-day as a TV star, becoming a cult classic as a part of Harold and Kumar, starring in the upcoming Smurfs movie, and nearly a year as a dad to twins (with his cutie of a partner, David Burtka) – and did I mention he apparently is a magician, too?  He’s a veritable Superman.

Here at SciFi4Me, we wanted to wish this amazing man a very happy birthday!

In order to further celebrate today, we suggest you enjoy the following:

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
How I Met Your Mother
Neil Patrick Harris on Twitter
And, lastly, in honor of the new Smurfs movie coming out on July 29th, I’ve made up a little birthday surprise.

Okay, so I’m not the greatest sculptor in the world, but I was inspired and it had to come to fruition.  Mr. Harris…he is all yours when you’re in Kansas City next! 😉  (And perhaps you’d give us here at the site a little time to pick your brain?)

More pictures of Dr. Smurfibble are on Picasa.

Stops time.  Freeze ray, tell your friends.

Hailing Frequencies Open...

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