Happy Birthday, Joss Whedon!

You know, I’m a late bloomer into Joss Whedon fandom.  I’ll be honest, I saw my first episode of Buffy at 21.  My first foray into his ‘verse was with the impossible-to-catch-between-baseball-games Space-Western Masterpiece that was Firefly…or so I thought.

I remember sitting with my baby brother, laughing ridiculously at the craziest lines from Toy Story (“You uncultured swine!…” is among my favorites).  I also remember loving a very odd animated movie after going through a huuuge Bill Pullman kick that nobody else seemed to remember (Titan A.E.).  Incidentally enough, Mr. Whedon worked on the screenplays for both.

Coming from a family of screenwriters, Joss got his start working for Roseanne Barr.

See what she had to say about Joss here

He has since worked on everything from Toy Story to Titan A.E. to Alien Resurrection (but, hey, I think we all can forgive him for that one…a writer can only do so much), but has made a name for himself through the creation of his own universe.  Affectionately known as the “Whedonverse,” fans flock to his blog and Twitter for news about this world within the mind of a ginger.  Between space cowboys, vampires, reprogrammed people, and evil PhDs, fans have enough to love about his ‘verse.  Add in a healthy dose of goofy smile, an intense loyalty to his actors and crew, and a true love for fans and you have a man that is part genius and part phenomenon.

Even though he killed Wash (and Doyle…and Jenny…and Penny…and aw, heck, it’d take too long to keep going), we here at SciFi4Me.com are more than happy to wish Mr. Whedon and amazing birthday.

For those of you looking for a fun way to celebrate, check out Can’t Stop the Serenity events in your area or even the Netflix Watch Party event on Facebook.  In that light, you can also enjoy Unstoppable Signals for some great charity tie-ins.  Of course, if you’re more Buffy inclined, there’s always the comic book (with Season Nine coming out soon) or DVDs to enjoy.  And there’s always Dr. Horrible. 🙂

And just remember, just when you think it’s the end of the world…well, there’s always next season.  Unless you get canceled by Fox.

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