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GRIMM Season One In Review

The second season of Grimm began with the first show August 13th. Let’s take a little trip down memory lane and revisit what happened last year.

The basic premise of the whole show is that Nick Burkhardt, a police detective for the Portland police department, discovers that he is a descendent of the original Grimm brothers. According to the show, the Grimms were early profilers. Nick gains his ancestral powers when his Aunt Marie comes for a visit and is attacked. She dies giving him precious little information about his powers or his role as a Grimm.

Nick realizes that he can see creatures when they lose control and that other people can not. Nick’s police partner Hank Griffin can not see the things that Nick sees. The series took time to get some of the rules of their own world set. As time went on the rule was that when Nick saw a creature reveal himself, they could also see he was a Grimm.

In the first episode he enlists the help of Monroe, the local Blutbad (werewolf), to help him track another Blutbad. This is the beginning of the strongest relationship in the series. Monroe guides, teaches and puts himself in danger to help Nick.

Nick is leading more than just a double life. He has his life as a police detective, as a Grimm, and a small sliver of personal life with his girlfriend Juliette.

Here is one of my favorite things about Grimm: their use of strong female characters. Starting with Aunt Marie, she raised Nick, and was a Grimm. Juliette is a veterinarian, which tells us she is smart. She also does battle with creatures, so she’s not only brave but fierce.

Adalind Shade is a nasty witch sort of creature but you have to admire her tenacity. A recent character addition is Rosalee. She came to town following the murder of her brother but has stayed to run his spice and tea store. She happens to be a tremendous asset for Nick as she has a wealth of knowledge of treatments for things doctors can not handle.

Adalind lost her Hexenbiest self to Nick. Nick managed to get Adalind to bite him thus getting the blood of a Grimm in her. This is how he saved Hank from a terrible fate.

Poor Hank. He’s been losing he touch with reality throughout the season. Well, that’s not exactly fair; he has experienced things that challenge his definition of reality.  At the end of the season he was freaked out waiting in a corner with one or more guns. If Hank and Nick are to continue as partners it seems that Nick needs to give Hank more information and help him back to the path of sanity.

Nick’s police captain, Captain Renard is something of a mystery. I have heard several theories on who or what he is. But this much we seem to know; he has some relationship to some sort of Wesen royalty. He is very powerful and not because he is the police captain. He seems to be toying with Nick. Most of the time he seems to be protecting him but I think it may be only for his convenience, or for his own gain. I don’t think his role is particularly to protect Nick.

There is a budding romance between Monroe and Rosalee. I am not sure how this is going to work out since they are different sorts of creatures. Monroe is a Blutbad, a wolf creature, and Rosalee is a Fuchsbau, a fox creature.

For most of the season the audience wanted Nick to confide in Juliette what he has been dealing with and why her life has been put in danger. And in the season finale he finally does, but it doesn’t go so well. First of all Juliette doesn’t believe him and secondly she has been scratched by a cat that Adalind fed a potion to. The potion sends Juliette into a coma. This episode also introduced Nick’s mother. A surprise ending, as she was supposedly dead for 18 years.

This season looks to be one filled with twists and turns. I hope that there is some one who knows where this tale is going or it maybe a long journey to no-where. The preseason interviews and publicity, promise that Nick will demonstrate his strengths as a Grimm. Which was one of my complaints in the first season. I wasn’t sure why the Wesen were afraid of Nick since he didn’t seem to wield any great prowess as a Grimm.

Here’s to a fun season may it entertain us all.


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