Farrington’s Chultan Expedition Log Entry #2

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My second journal entry has made its way into a puddle outside of The Thundering Lizard. The ink was still fresh when an unexpected stiff breeze blew it off my table. I’ll reiterate as much as I had written as to not leave out any details.

Port City.jpg
I had anticipated that as a non-native to Chultan and Port Nyanzaru that there would be an implicit level of respect for the culture and ways of society of this Amnian civilization. I was reminded that as an Anthropologist, my admiration and fascination with differing cultures both common and rare alike, is a scarce trait indeed. The Illuskan people would have probably spat on their own Vigo, Slayer of One Dozen Orcs. For all one knows they would have applauded such behavior as he assaulted a meager merchant trying to sell his wares. The drunken sailor started making threats that, given enough time, this place will be conducted differently on assumption by a different (and more convenient for him) organization.

I know human culture adequately one would say. I know not to what ends this ruffian would go to bully the folk of Port Nyanzaru, but clearly myself and the Chultan “Oracle” that I’m to journey with through Chult did not desire to wait for an escalation. As with most beings under the influence of alcohol, this Vigo became prone to violence. It was odd however… I noticed his nose was exuding blood but I saw no townsfolk nor merchant throw a punch. He advanced on Subira rolling up his sleeves (which is a common trait most Illuskan people share when settling any dispute physical or verbal). I dashed in to stand up to this bully alongside her, only to have him pass me in his ambition to hurt the vocal protester (with a drum) – and a woman of some importance no less!

[image: Wizards of the Coast]
The tussle didn’t last long, but there was much to be discovered in that brief thirty seconds. First, Illuskans hit hard. Very hard. I wish I could find an analogy to correlate with the pain I felt, but I fail to find one at this time. Secondly, I am only human. I know that saying is more common to hear around Water deep and the Sword Coast, but it’s meant differently in this circumstance. During the complication with Vigo, I heard screams shouting ‘Demon of the Jungle!’ and fingers pointing as they ran away from Cryptoportica. Her hair became wild and sentient as snakes seemed to uncoil. There was of course Nanjiri, the dragon born who accompanied me from Silvane’s estate in Baldur’s Gate. I couldn’t forget the tiny and mysterious Phenmen, such a strange kobold indeed (more on that later). What caught me by surprise the most was that Subira towards the end of the scuffle looked to spread wings of pure light and fly into the air! I don’t recall much else during the altercation. (I think 4 variations of the word ‘fight’ work well in this entry, by the way… have to stay sharp!) The Flaming Fist mercenaries came to apprehend Vigo as witnesses gave statements and we continued our way to our first prospective guide. It is clear that while I do practice magic, I am otherwise an ordinary being when compared to my expedition crew.


We sought out Eku first, as between all that were listed, I thought it respectable that she would still charge a fee (which means to me she doesn’t have a catch) and even better she’ll donate her proceeds to charity. It’s good to know kindness like that still is present at this corner of the world! That turned out to be a quick visit, no thanks to Phenmen and his ‘dark heart’. Eku immediately turned down the guide position upon laying eyes on him. While I admire her convictions, it does disturb me that whatever she saw in that kobold was enough to not want to donate to charity!

We collectively set on Azaka Stormfang. She seemed capable and light on our pocketbooks. She did remind us that we who have never traveled before in Chult should ensure that we have the appropriate tools and supplies to ease our travels. A canoe is now on our shopping menu, but who in our party would carry around a canoe? Leaving out in the wild is just asking for someone or something to take off with it!


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