DNF Duel Announces a New Character, As Well As A Closed Beta

The developers of DNF Duel, Eighting (Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Pikmin 3 Deluxe) and ArcSystem Works (Guilty Gear -Strive-, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle) showed off a new character for the upcoming fighting game. The new character, known simply as Dragon Knight, first debuted in the MMO DNF Duel is based on, DFO Online. Gameplay for the Dragon Knight can be seen here:


The description for the Dragon Knight class in Dungeon Fighter Online is that she’s a combatant that “combines her ferocity in battle with the aid of dragonian support in hand.”, and DNF Duel appears to be staying faithful to that descriptor, as the Dragon Knight in DNF utilizes several dragons in combat, both in the form of special moves and supers.

The Dragon Knight joins six other confirmed characters in DNF Duel, those being The Hitman, Ranger, Striker, Grappler, Berserker, and Inquisitor. The Dragon Knight will be a part of the DNF Duel Open Beta, which will happen at the following times and dates:

PST : DEC 17, 18:00 — DEC 20, 06:00

UTC : DEC 18, 02:00 — DEC 20, 14:00

KST / JST : DEC 18, 11:00 — DEC 20, 23:00

The beta will feature 10 characters in total and will end right before a convention dedicated to DFO Online. Many speculate that more news will be revealed for DNF Duel during the convention. As of now, the only consoles that DNF Duel is confirmed for are the PS4 and the PS5, though, many believe the game will also end up on PC, as the main platform that DFO Online’s played on is the PC. No release date has been given for this project as of now.

Released in Korea in August 2005, Dungeon Fighter Online is one of the highest grossing and most played video games ever made, with 700 million active players and over 10 billion dollars in revenue. Since then, it has spawned several spinoff titles, like DNF Duel, Dungeon and Fighter Overkill, and the elusive “Project Barbecue” that’s been teased by the creators of DFO Online.

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