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12 MONKEYS Adds GoT Star Conleth Hill for the Fourth Season

Entertainment Weekly reports that Conleth Hill, who plays Lord Varys, Whisperer of Secrets on Game of Thrones, will be on two episodes of 12 Monkeys for its fourth and final season.

Besides his popular role on Game of Thrones, Conleth Hill is a well known stage actor with two Tony Award nominations. He recently starred in a thriller, A Patch of Fog, that came out in January of 2017.

In the two-episode arc, Conleth Hill will play Bonham, an international law enforcement agent (Interpol, perhaps?) who is alive during the time that the virus finally becomes a pandemic, a time period that we have skirted around on the show and that the protagonists have been trying to prevent. He is not just law enforcement. His ancestors were given a relic that is incredibly important. Could this be the relic they are speaking of?

Photo from Terry Matalas, who posted it on the Addicts of the 12 Monkeys facebook page.

And if so, what does it do? Bonham’s ancestors received it through time travel. Bonham is said to have his faith in the item tested during this apocalypse.

“I’m a huge fan and have been trying to get Conleth on the show for years, and thrilled the timing finally worked out,” executive producer Terry Matalas told EW.

There is no word on whether Hill will be sporting hair for his role.

The fourth and final season of 12 Monkeys will air in 2018.


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