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It’s drug trips and potatoes and death on this week’s Fear the Walking Dead, and Team Zombie has things to say! It’s Zombpocalypse Now!  

Season 3, Episode 14
“El Matadero”
Written by Alan Page
Directed by Stefan Schwartz

Fear The Walking Dead


Dustin: Is he still sulking?

Timothy: He is, in fact.

Curtis: I hate you both.

Dustin: Look, just because we told you that The Martian was fiction and not a dramatic recreation…

Timothy: Something that should have been obvious, considering that it was based on a novel…

Dustin: … is no reason to pout. 

Curtis: I just want to believe that the indomitable human spirit has propelled man out to the stars, that C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate, that signals from buried monoliths have sent us to Saturn or Jupiter or wherever. Is that to much to ask?

Dustin: …

Timothy: ...

Dustin: You know, it shouldn’t be.

Timothy: It would be nice.

Curtis: Instead we get the post-apocalypse zombie thing. You see my problem.

Timothy: Can’t actually argue with that. Still, the post-apocalypse zombie thing is why we’re here.

Dustin: And we get all that lovely grim and miserable joy here on this week’s Fear the Walking Dead.

Curtis: Or Fear and Loathing in El Matadero, based on about a third of this episode. 

Timothy: I’m not sure I could take a Hunter S. Thompson zombie novel. Anyway, we do talk the adventures of Madison & Co. again this week, and next week we get the season finale. I expect it will be bloody.

Dustin: Most likely. Probably Lexx the hell out of the poor people at the dam. It is their way.

Timothy: It so very, very, is. And after that, the season premiere of The Walking Dead. Which will also be happiness and rainbows.

Dustin: As is their way. So listen with your earholes, people! We podcast the thing! Zombpocalypse Now!

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