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TV’s AXE COP Does Not Disappoint


This quirky comic book, written by a six-year-old (yes, really!) is one of my favorites, and one of the few things on my pull list. Sunday, July 21 was the 11-minute premiere of the new Axe Cop series, and I was not disappointed.

I first reviewed Axe Cop on Urban Fantasy News back in 2012, and have been a fan ever since. I was concerned that the show wouldn’t be as funny as the comic because of the pacing, line delivery, and all the other things than can sink these kinds of projects, but I was happily wrong.

Just as in the comic, heads are chopped off (and put into the head trash), a monster truck uses a giant ramp to get to the Dinosaur Horn Store in space, and hilarious origin stories are told involving chicks that shoot drill bits out of their mouths in the great Chicken Head War. The line delivery is dry, as it should be, to capture the oddly stilted personality of Axe Cop. My husband, son and I all laughed ourselves silly, and wished the whole half hour could be devoted to this show instead of being split with High School USA.

The show runs on Saturday night at 11:00 PM on FOX’s new “ADHD” block of late night cartoons, taking a cue from Adult Swim. Don’t miss it!

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