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DRACULA: This Is a Man’s World


Episode 102 “A Whiff of Sulfur”


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So, Sir Clive is dead. Grayson is Dracula and seducing Lady Jayne while still pining for his lost love whom Mina Murray resembles greatly and we’re back.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

In: Romania circa 1881. Van Helsing has just lifted Dracula from his eternal slumber and they, of course, fight each other. Forever enemies, these two. They argue some more and Van Helsing watches Dracula as he feeds.

Fast forward to now where we left off with the frenemies. To treat Dracula’s aversion to the sun, Van Helsing must draw his blood and Dracula is none too pleased. A lot of exposition so far. They want to combat the Order of the Dragon and defeat them and their oil interests with their own geomagnetic power. I really think there’s a bromance brewing with them. This could be very interesting indeed.


It is cool to see Dracula as himself outside of all the balls with Jonathan, Mina, Lucy and their ilk.. The Grayson plot line can get a little tedious.  It is called Dracula, after all. Let’s see him in all his sexy, accented glory.

Speaking of the young aristocrats plus Jonathan, we pick up with them at a fencing match where we meet Alastair. Yet another hot white guy has joined the cast and he seems into Lucy and she is definitely into him or would like to be soon.

I'm on the fence about this one.
I’m on the fence about this one.

Dracula still wants Mina but he won’t turn her. He tells Renfield he doesn’t want to lose her twice. While it’s great to see his human side, I must say the chemistry is way better with Lady Jayne who is still evil and working with Lord Laurent. She tells him she will employ the “seers” in order to follow through with their nefarious plan.

Grayson aka Dracula is out for new digs and he has an offer for Harker. He wants to appoint him the Vice President of Public Affairs which basically means he wants a guy to help him find the upper echelon of the Order of the Dragon so he can TAKE THEM DOWN. Of course, he can’t tell Harker that. Nor does he. Oh, and the new digs? Sir Clive’s house which is now Harker’s if he accepts.

I see one roach and the deal is off.
I see one roach and the deal is off.

Mina’s still having trouble with surgeries at school and Jonathan tunes out much as I do whenever Mina starts speaking. What a boring girl she is. So she, predictably, convinces him to accept Grayson’s offer.

Back to Lady Jayne who’s still flirting with Grayson, this time at dinner. She asks how he achieved the trick with the lights and he performs a real trick for her with a coin that made me want to have sex with him, so of course, she does the same. Unfortunately for her, he can’t get Mina off his mind but it doesn’t make this scene any less hot! Whew. These two will be the death of me. They are the best part of this show, hands down. I don’t care about the oil, Mina, or whatever Harker is doing. I want to watch Lady Jayne get it on with Grayson/Dracula/Vlad. And even though I know it won’t last because she’s evil and he’s Dracula, I can’t help but root for them.

Still hot.
Still hot.

Back to Mina. Grayson and Mina ride off in a carriage where he asks about her major. Still not feeling the chemistry. There’s a rather awkward silence before she reveals that her exam is coming up. We get it. You’re in college. Do you have to talk about it all the time? I really hope this Mina being a doctor storyline goes somewhere because right now, she’s boring me more than ever. Oh, and she passes the exam. Like I care.

Would you like to hear more about my exam?
Would you like to hear more about my exam?

The seers are the most stupid thing on this show. They look into a mirror and see Dracula come out of Grayson right in their Gothic faces. But at least their presence gives lady Jane more to do. She still doesn’t know it’s Grayson. Or at least she doesn’t tell Laurent. I’m guessing it’s the latter.  Anyway, she tells him she’ll handle everything.

But that might not be possible since Dracula is using Harker to get to Lord Laurent. But you can’t blame Jonathan. He seems to have spent his rent money on an engagement ring for Mina, whom he basically describes as a hopeless dreamer that should just marry him and stop trying to have it all. Mina overhears him telling this to his buddies. And guys, she’s not happy. But really, is she ever?

I'm sorry I demeaned your sex. Even though I meant every word.
I’m sorry I demeaned your sex. Even though I meant every word.

Then, we catch up to Daniel Davenport whom we met in the fencing match scene. I knew there was a point to that scene. Ooh! Gay people! In 1896! How progressive. Dracula tracks down Daniel and his lover Stephen at a drag show. And of course, he decides to blackmail them. That’s just his style.

In the end, Dracula narrowly avoids being caught red-toothed, sucking the blood of an innocent coat check girl, by Lady Jayne. Meanwhile she has on a crazy S & M outfit complete with leather and a trusty sword. This lady oozes sex appeal wherever she goes. She decapitates the coat check girl in front of Dracula which only serves to intrigue him more.  And it should since this is Lady Jayne and with Lady Jayne, nothing is as it seems. Much like Grayson/Dracula himself. They have so much in common. A match made in hell, these two. I love it.

All gingers must die. Those are the rules.
All gingers must die. Those are the rules.

So there you have it. In terms of action, this episode was not as good as the premiere but plans are being set in motion. So that’s good. And Dracula/Lady Jayne are definitely still the main draw in my opinion. Anyone wish to disagree? Anyone up for Dracula/Mina? By the promos, that seems where it’s headed. Do join me for the next episode titled “Goblin Merchant Man”, where we’re sure to learn more about the Order of the Dragon, this whole oil ordeal, and if Mina passes her next exam. I’m guessing she does. Until next time…bite me.

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