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TRUE BLOOD: Does Mr. Doggett Wish for More?



Season 4, episode 6: “I Wish I Was The Moon”

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When last week’s episode ended, Bill had just learned from Pam that Eric wasn’t missing after all. In fact, he was hiding out with Sookie and had lost his memory. Infuriated, Bill rushes over just in time to catch Eric and Sookie in a heavy make out session. An altercation long in the making ensues, on which Bill found himself on the losing end. Sookie stops Eric from impaling Bill by informing him that he’s about to slay his own king. Humbled, Bill surrenders and is taken away despite Sookie’s pleas for mercy. The whole time Bill just stands there with a puzzled look on his face as he tries to comes to terms with the new Eric. Finally having Eric where he wants him, it’s easy for Bill to get permission from the Authority to punish him with the true death. However, in allowing Eric some final words before he meets his end Bill is moved to not only release rotting Pam from her own recent incarceration per Eric’s last request but he also surprisingly lets him go when he realizes how selfless he is by wishing that Sookie find love and happiness no matter what. And what does Eric do with his second chance? Why he goes running right back to Sookie where they finish what they started before they were so rudely interrupted.

Arlene’s devil baby strikes again this week. This time he mysteriously burns down the house they rent from Sam. Everyone gets out alright but the damage is done. Since Sam is stuck dealing with the aftermath and such he calls on Tommy to go open the bar for him and that he would catch up with him later that night. Poor Tommy, still dealing with his guilt from killing his poor momma last week, slaps himself so hard in a fit of rage and remorse that he causes himself to shape shift into Sam. Even though he doesn’t know how long this will last he goes about his duties as Sam in opening the bar and quite enjoys playing big brother. During his Sam time he fires Sookie and sleeps with Luna. While he may look like Sam he is still Tommy on the inside and it shows when he boots Luna out after their liaison. By the time Sam finally returns that night Tommy is back to his old self and passed out on the floor in a pool of vomit. While Sam rushes to his aid I couldn’t help but wonder if he would still behave the same way if he knew about Luna.

Poor Jason is so freaked out about the coming full moon that he has handcuffed himself to his bedpost. Sookie finds him and assumes it’s just another Jason sexcapade until Jason spills the beans about his upcoming were-panther hood. Knowing that he is worried Sookie agrees to sit with him only to lose him when he takes off out into the woods to face fate alone. Sensing his fear, Jessica shows up in the middle of the woods to babysit him. They sit and talk and share a nice bonding moment that both start to feel a little uncomfortable with how comfortable they were becoming with each other. While Jason is coming to terms with the fact that he is not changing, his sister runs into Alcide and Debbie in the middle of the woods. They’re on the way to a pack meeting but she takes the opportunity to get their official werewolf opinion that a human can’t be turned into a were-anything. Relieved she runs back off into the woods to find Jason and tell him the good news.

Down in Mexico, Grandpa is making Jesus jump through hoops to get what he came for. They tell him that they need protection from vampires and he responds that they don’t know what they need protection from. Finally delivering Grandpa’s requested sacrifice they learn that Grandpa is as crazy as they thought. He takes the sacrificial snake, lets it bite Jesus on the neck and then locks them in the room and tells Lafayette to protect him. Both are confused at first and then even more so when Lafayette is possessed and somehow Jesus is fine. While he didn’t come right out and say it I think he means they need protection from Marnie and that the vamps are the least of their worries.

Tara’s girlfriend Naomi shows up and wants the lowdown on her life in Bon Temps. Playing the tour guide she takes her out to dinner at Merlotte’s where they end the night chatting out in the parking lot just in time for rotting Pam to show up seeking revenge before all her parts fall off.

Marnie is still trapped in Bill’s underground jail and once again summons Antonia to come and help her get out of her jam. This time we don’t have to wait long for Antonia to appear. At first we get a better replay of her stake burning and raising of the vampires to burn in the daylight. We do learn that one of the priest who survived that day is not only a vampire sheriff in Louisiana but is also left to stand guard over Marnie. Can you say wrong place wrong time? For this guy it is because Marnie is now full on possessed by Antonia and she’s ready to rumble. Can’t wait til next week to see all hell break loose.

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