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The Shatner Singularity Blasts Off


One of pop culture’s biggest icons is about to launch into the great unknown.

William Shatner is partnering with LNL Parners & POW! Entertainment to boldly go where no "Star Trek" captain has ever gone before: launching his own imprint! (Logo property of LNL Partners & Shatner Singularity)
(Logo property of LNL Partners & Shatner Singularity)

Following the success of his first cinematic graphic novel, Man of War, legendary actor William Shatner continues to dive into the comic book scene as LNL Partners launches the Star Trek captain’s own imprint: Shatner Singularity.

“With its Cinematic Graphic Novels™, LNL Partners has created a unique new genre,” Shatner said. “After proving to be a powerful and compelling platform for Man O’ War, I am delighted to have the format serve to showcase other works under the Shatner Singularity imprint.”

In addition to his own line, Mr. Shatner will also team up with another marvelous comic industry superstar: Stan Lee.  Mr. Lee’s latest graphic novel is expected to be the first publication off of Shatner Singularity.

“It is a particular joy and honor for my imprint to host work from my friend Stan Lee.” Shatner said.  “As Stan himself is fond of saying, ‘nuff said’!”

Both Shatner and Lee are expected to reveal their collaborations to comic book lovers in Los Angeles on at The Amazing Spider-Man co-creator’s Comikaze Expo.

“I’m thrilled to be working with my friend William Shatner’s new imprint.” Said Lee. “I look forward to sharing details of my new project at Comikaze Expo!”

Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo will take place starting Friday, October 30, and will end on Sunday, November 1.


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