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The Geekly with a Twist: August 17th-23rd

One more week, one more week, one more week… Okay, sorry, I’m ready for vacation. Anyone else ready to self-combust this week? Since I don’t want to have to pack myself as a pile of dust, I’ve learned some new stress management techniques… relaxing to Geek and Sundry shows killing veggies and hummus. I feel fierce when I destroy those broccoli! Muahahahahaha!

Okay, so, evil delusions aside, it’s a full week. So, onward with the history!

August 17th, 1918: Evelyn Ankers, the original Scream Queen and leading lady in such classics as The Wolf Man and The Son of Dracula, is born in Valparíso, Chile.

August 17th, 1968: The beautiful Narcissa Malfoy, Helen McCrory is born in London.

August 17th, 1970: Venera 7, the first spacecraft to successfully land on the surface of another planet as well as transmit data back to Earth, is launched from the Soviet Union. (It landed on Venus, in case you couldn’t guess from the name/other Venera missions.)

August 18th, 1868: During a total eclipse of the sun, astronomer Jules Janssen notices an odd line in the spectrum of the chromosphere of the sun. This line was assumed to be sodium, but was later researched further and is what we know now as Helium.

August 18th, 1877: Phobos, one of the Martian moons, is discovered by astronomer Asaph Hall.

August 18th, 1965: Ikue Ōtani is born in Tokyo, Japan. While many of you will not know her name, you should know her voice: she’s the one who voices that loveable yellow mouse-thing, Pikachu.

August 18th, 1967:  If you don’t know this name, you haven’t been watching enough Comic Con Carne… the award winning comic book writer (and, at some times, artist) Brian Michael Bendis is born in Cleveland, Ohio.

August 19th, 1906: Philo T Farnsworth, the main inventor behind the television (and, in Warehouse 13 lore, the Farnsworth itself), is born near Beaver, Utah.

August 19th, 1921: The amazing creator himself, Gene Roddenberry (yes, Star Trek, don’t  be silly!) is born in El Paso, Texas.

August 19th, 1938: An alum of the Star Trek universe, Diana Muldaur (Dr. Ann Mulhall in the original series and Dr. Katherine Pulaski in TNG) is born in New York City.

August 19th, 1952: Jonathan Frakes (yes, Riker, I know it’s a very Star Trek filled day), is born in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.

August 20th, 1932: Anthony Ainley, the third Master in Doctor Who, is born in Stanmore in England.

August 20th, 1943: Sylvester McCoy, the seventh Doctor (yes, in Doctor Who again), is born in Dunoon, Scotland.

August 20th, 1948: John Noble, the amazing actor behind Denethor in The Lord of the Rings as well as Walter Bishop in Fringe, is born in Port Pirie, Australia.

August 20th, 1962: James Marsters (aka the sexiest man to ever bleach his hair) is born in Greenville, California.

August 20th, 1962:  Sophie Aldred, a companion to the seventh Doctor (yes, it’s getting to be a Doctor Who-heavy day), is born in Greenwich, England.

August 20th, 1966: Colin Cunningham (of Falling Skies, Stargate SG-1, and Sanctuary) is born in Los Angeles, California.

August 20th, 1981: Narnia alum Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian) is born in London, England.

August 20th, 1983:  The new Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield, is born in Los Angeles, California.

August 22nd, 1959: Arthur Weasley himself, Mark Williams is born in Worcestershire in England.

August 22nd, 1971: The man playing Thorin Oakenshield in the upcoming Hobbit films, Richard Armitage is born in Leicester, England.

August 23rd, 1960: Chris Potter, the actor behind the sexiest mutant voice ever (that is to say, the one of Gambit in the animated X-Men series of the ’90s), is born in Toronto, Canada.


August 23rd, 1974: The martial artist, stuntman, and actor who kicks butt as Darth Maul, Toad, Snake Eyes, and as a security guard in Fanboys, Ray Park is born in Glasgow, Scotland.

So, for the Twist, I know the last hold of summer is here. For many of our more Northern readers, the extreme heat is giving way for nicer weather (it was only 85 here at HQ earlier!). Regardless, Mother Nature’s got a few hot times left up her sleeve so you might as well combat it with something extra-cool. How about a Marvel Red Slush? (Warning: This recipe is for a full blender’s worth of yumminess.)

  • One packet of Cherry Kool-aid
  • One packet of Pink Lemonade Kool-aid
  • 2 cups of sugar
  • Cherry Vodka (to taste/strength preference)
  • Dash of sour mix

Mix all ingredients with a couple splashes of water and ice in a blender. Serve in a glass with a big straw and enjoy!

And, of course, you’ve gotta Garnish your week properly so why not with something pretty and hilarious?


I think it’s more than official now, geeks have invaded.

Have an amazing week, everyone, and geek on!

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