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US May Not Be The Film You Think It Is

The really creepy trailer for US makes the rather refreshing move of NOT spoiling the movie by giving away all the best bits of the film.

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Studios Hope New Books Mean New Movie Franchises

Looks like the studios are looking to find new franchises for their younger audiences. Will they have hits on their hands with THE CRUEL PRINCE and THE DAY THE CRAYONS QUIT?

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Universal Pictures Unveils a DARK UNIVERSE of Gods and Monsters

Will Dark Universe from Universal Pictures bring together their classic movie monsters into a new Marvel Studios-like blockbuster machine? Or just give Horror fans something to complain about?

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Lon Chaney Jr. as Larry/ the Wolf Man and Evelyn Ankers as Gwen Conliffe. [Courtesy Universal Pictures.]
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Retro Review: THE WOLFMAN Gives Us Camp with a Side of Ethics

It’s Throwback Thursday and today we’re going way back to the chills and thrills of 1941’s THE WOLF MAN, monster movie classic!

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