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STITCHERS Delivers a Big Surprise This Week


S1E7 “The Root of All Evil”

Big news about Kirsten this week – she has a boyfriend. This week the team is out to solve the murder of a Jane Doe.


Camille and Kirsten start their morning off by bickering, again, and then a young man arrives at the door. It is Kirsten’s boyfriend, Liam, and Kirsten tells him that he can stay for a while. Kirsten and Camille have to go to the lab.

STITCHERS - "The Root of All Evil" - Kirsten's boyfriend shows up out of the blue in an all-new episode of "Stitchers," airing Tuesday, July 14, 2015 at 9:00PM ET/PT on ABC Family. Kirsten surprises the Stitchers team when they discover that she has a boyfriend, Liam, who shows up suddenly, prompting Maggie to covertly gather information on him. Meanwhile, a young woman's extravagant social life may be the clue to her death. (ABC Family/Eric McCandless) JACK TURNER, ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI

There, Maggie tells them about their new case, a young Jane Doe. Camille tells everyone that Kirsten has a boyfriend, and everyone is surprised. Maggie talks to Camille privately, and wants her to find out everything she can about Liam. Even though Camille is uncomfortable with this, she still agrees to do it.

Once inside the stitch, all Kirsten can find out about the young woman is that she is rich and likes to party – and that her mansion was featured in a magazine. Camille is able to find the issue it’s in, and Maggie, Cameron, and Kirsten go talk to Jane Doe’s parents.

Kirsten calls Fisher, who is out on a special assignment, to tell him that he was wrong about the suicide of Ed Clark.

Maggie tells Cameron and Kirsten to leave all the talking to her, and they go inside the house. When they talk to the husband and wife that live there, they find out that they don’t have a daughter. Kirsten begins to interrogate them, and the husband tells them that any further questions they have can be directed to his lawyer.

Maggie scolds Kirsten for her lack of discretion, and they leave the house.

Camille is at home, going through Liam’s belongings. She finds out that he is a world traveler, and continues to go through his photos. He walks in and they talk to each other. He just returned from Peru, and Kirsten and Liam have known each other for three years. He is a cultural anthropologist, and the reason their relationship works is because Kirsten can’t perceive time.

Back at the lab, Linus found that Jane Doe is actually Brenda Miller aka Bentley Miller, and she is not a rich woman by any means.

Cameron and Kirsten go to Bentley’s house, and Cameron asks about Kirsten’s boyfriend. She tells him that he travels a lot, and that she never misses him when he’s gone – because she can’t. Kirsten remembers something from the stitch, and they find stolen jewelry in the tank of Bentley’s toilet.

Linus and Cameron decide to go question Sadie Morton, Bentley’s friend, and Kirsten leaves the lab to spend time with her boyfriend.


Camille reports to Maggie that Liam is perfect in every way, and gives her photos that she found on his computer. When Maggie sees one of the pictures, she recognizes a man in one of the photos.

Cameron and Linus go to Sadie’s workplace and question her. They find out that she and Bentley used to break into wealthy homes when the owners would be gone and have parties. Bentley was the only one who ever stole anything.

Cameron decides that they have to stitch again and calls Kirsten. She doesn’t pick up the phone and Cameron goes to her house. He meets Liam, then Cameron and Kirsten leave the house to go to the lab.

Inside the stitch, Bentley hides in a closet because she got stuck inside when the owners get home. She sees the husband cheating on his wife, and records it on her phone to blackmail her. When Kirsten bounces from the stitch, she types “I heart Liam” instead of Linus.

She tells the team what she saw, and the police arrest the husband for killing Bentley.

Linus and Cameron decide to eat dinner together and have “bro” time. Cameron is jealous of Liam, and Linus is upset that Camille doesn’t want a relationship.

Back at Kirsten’s house, she remembers something from the house and decides that she and Camille have to go to the Parks house.

When they arrive they break into the house; Kirsten goes through the wife’s jewelry and finds out that she cheated on her husband and killed Bentley. The wife returns while they are there and points a gun at the both of them. Kirsten throws the jewelry box at her and knocks her out.

At the lab Maggie chastises Kirsten again for her recklessness, but is pleased with the result. Maggie and Les Turner talk in her office, and Maggie shows him the photo. They both know who the man is and decide to look further into it.

At Kirsten’s house Liam makes her dinner, and asks her to marry him.


More shockers this week and Maggie continues in her mysterious ways.

Kirsten has a boyfriend – whom she hasn’t seen in two years, and they just pick up where they left off. Kirsten never misses him, and apparently he doesn’t miss her. The relationships in Stitchers are just not the best. Kirsten doesn’t even think that it is odd that he hasn’t come to visit her in two years? Then he proposes to her. When it comes to relationships in Stitchers, there is no sense of buildup. Everything else however…

Still no word on the photograph of Maggie with Ed Clark. I wonder if that will be explained or if it is meant to just tell us that she knew him personally. There is also a new photograph this week with Kirsten’s boyfriend and an unknown man. The key that Kirsten found is mentioned very briefly, so maybe in this week’s episode she’ll start looking for a place that the key fits.


Thankfully Fisher is coming back this week, and according to Jeff Schechter, Fisher is going to be very involved in the next few episodes. I wonder what his reaction will be to Kirsten’s boyfriend?

I’m still surprised Kirsten hasn’t been hurt yet. Everyone is upset about how reckless she is, which is no surprise considering that she had a gun pointed at her this week. The writers are setting her up to get in a mess that she might not be able to get out of. The stitches seem to have less of an emotional affect on her, but we are definitely seeing a more affectionate side of her. She is especially making efforts to connect with Cameron and Camille, which is much more refreshing than the Kirsten we saw in the first episode.

I’m really enjoying Maggie’s role in the team. She is their boss and never forgets to remind them of that, but she also plays mother hen to all of them – which makes sense, considering that they’re all so young.

Side note: Anyone else her Emma’s accent slip through?


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