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STAN AGAINST EVIL Premiere Sweeps Horror-Com Fans Off Their Feet


On a dark and foggy night at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, thousands of horror comedy fans gathered to view the Stan Against Evil premiere.  I hit the red carpet (grave grass) to get up close and personal with the stars before the screening.

The premiere was a very light and easygoing affair despite being set in a cemetery. We all got a little caught up in a fly storm which gave me some horror ideas of my own. All said and done, it was an incredible night. Side note: don’t lose your way in a cemetery after dark. Or at least have a light to guide you.

Stan Against Evil premiere

Stan Against Evil premiere

Stan Against Evil premiere

Stan Against Evil premiere

After the premiere, there was a Q and A panel with the cast and creator Dana Gould (The Simpsons and Parks and Recreation). Legendary critic Leonard Maltin moderated it. They talked about their characters and the process of filming the show.

For the uninitiated, Stan Against Evil is an intriguing and hilarious horror-sitcom starring John C. McGinley (Scrubs) as former sheriff Stan Miller, who finds out his wife of 30 years has died in the first episode and not long after, discovers she has cursed him and the sleepy town of Willard’s Mill with the presence of creatures ranging from witches to demons. It doesn’t help that the town was built on the site of a 17th century witch burning.

If you like Ash vs. Evil Dead, you’re gonna love this show. It’s a fast, funny, completely messed up rollicking good time.

Stan Against Evil premieres on November 2nd at 10pm with two back-to-back episodes that will surely take you by pleasant surprise with its subversive charm and some lived-in characters brought to startling life by Nate Mooney (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). He plays “Deputy Leon Drinkwater,” a “Barney Fife” type doofus who’s unhelpful to new sheriff “Evie Barret” played by Janet Varney (You’re the Worst). Evie wants to get to the bottom of the curse and keep her young daughter “Grace” out of harm’s way. Then, there’s Stan’s daughter “Denise Miller” played by Deborah Baker, Jr. as a plucky and determined young foil to her grumpy old man.

In addition to the screening, I had the opportunity to geek out as I interviewed the cast and Dana Gould. Hint: I’m very familiar with Dana’s work-ing.



Be sure to tune into the premiere and catch the remaining 6 episodes as they air on IFC. You won’t regret it.



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