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Speculation, Episode Titles and Casting News for SUPERNATURAL’S 13th Season

What’s coming up for the 13th season of Supernatural? Interesting tidbits and tantalizing pieces of information abound for the next and 13th season of Supernatural. If you don’t want to be spoiled, please don’t read any further.

When we last left the boys, Kelly (Courtney Ford), Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and Castiel (Misha Collins) had died. Mom (Samantha Smith) was stuck in an alternate universe with Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino). It seems the reason for this was to leave the boys alone with Kelly and Lucifer’s child, Jack (Alexander Calvert). Castiel was the one who had made a commitment to raising Kelly’s child after her death, which was inevitable after giving birth to Lucifer’s child. Mary Winchester might have been a valuable asset in raising Jack. Lucifer was coming to get Jack when he was sent to the alternate universe.

This theory seems to be borne out by little pieces of information from the cast and crew. Misha Collins said that Cas was coming back slowly, and was “more dead than usual”. Andrew Dabb told TV Guide, “If Season 12 was about children coming to terms with their moms as adults, then Season 13 is very much about Sam and Dean as parents.”

The argument about nature versus nurture will play out as we find out whether Lucifer’s son, who had a mother that sacrificed herself for him, will turn out good or evil. A large part of that may involve what Sam and Dean teach young Jack, who already seems to be physically at least an adolescent. There is also the question about whether they will want to kill him, knowing that he is very dangerous, or strip him of his grace. Of course, either of those options will leave Mary in the alternate Supernatural universe forever.

Alexander Calvert (Photo by Tallulah Photography)

Entertainment Weekly confirms that Alexander Calvert, who played Jack in a brief glimpse at the end of the season finale, will be a series regular. He played Lonnie Machin, AKA Anarky, on Arrow. Calvert was in The Returned, a series that Mark Pellegrino also acted in.

Loretta Devine playing Missouri Moseley. (Photo courtesy of IMDB)

In other Supernatural news, the character of Missouri Mosely (Loretta Devine) will return for episode 13.3. She appeared in the first season as a psychic in Lawrence, Kansas, who helped the boys with a poltergeist in their childhood home. She was supposed to appear in the season finale of that season but the actress had a scheduling conflict. This was a fateful scheduling conflict, because they replaced the character with John Winchester’s old buddy, Bobby Singer.

Clark Backo (Photo by Jaclyn Vogl)

They are going to introduce a new character, Patience Turner (Clark Backo), who is Missouri’s granddaughter. She is going to transfer over to the new Wayward Sisters spinoff. That will be interesting because psychics exist in Supernatural but their life expectancy is almost as bad as that of a love interest. Pamela Barnes, a friend of Bobby’s that hunters went to for help, had her eyes seared out by seeing the true form of Castiel. She eventually sacrificed herself to save Sam and Dean. In a town full of psychics, Lily Dale, they were being picked off one by one in ways that were appropriate for their professions. Mr. Ketch from the British Men of Letters shot Magda at a rest stop after Sam and Dean saved her from her abusive family, who saw her psychic powers as evil.

I’m excited to see a psychic character because in a world where unicorns are a nightmare and angels are jerks, psychics are one of the few beings with power who can be on the side of good.

According to SpoilerTV and other sources, a few episode titles have been released.

Episode 13.01 – Lost and Found

Episode 13.02 – The Rising Sun

Episode 13.03 – Patience

Episode 13.04 – The Big Empty

Episode 13.05 – Advanced Thanatology

Episode 13.06 – Tombstone

Episode 13.07 – War of the Worlds

Episode 13.08 – The Scorpion and the Frog

Episode 13.09 – The Bad Place

Episode 13.10 – Wayward Sisters

Episode 13.11 – The Midnight Train

Episode 13.12 – Various & Sundry Villains

Episode 13.16 – ScoobyNatural

Speculation on so little information is not too helpful but I don’t think “Lost and Found” will refer to a lost character’s return. It’s too soon for them to show up if we’re going to concentrate on Sam and Dean dealing with Lucifer’s son. I imagine it refers to Jack. It has a hide and seek sound to it.

The natural assumption is that “Patience” will introduce Patience Turner, “Wayward Sisters” will be the backdoor pilot for the spinoff of the same name, and “ScoobyNatural” will be the much anticipated Scooby-Doo crossover ep that will be mostly animated. There are two things I’m wondering about in regard to the crossover episode. Will they be able to depict Jensen Ackles accurately? Drawings of him don’t look like Dean as much as drawings of Jared Padalecki look like Sam. Even in the coloring books, Dean looks generic and is not drawn accurately.  Also, I’m really wondering how Dean and Sam will react when the Scooby gang tear the mask off the ghost or monster and it turns out to be old man Jenkins. The scary supernatural demon is never real on Scooby-Doo but it’s almost always real on Supernatural.

“The Big Empty” probably refers to the place that souls can’t return from. It’s mentioned by Billie the Reaper in season 11, episode 2. It’s used as a threat by Billie, actually. “The next time you or your brother bite it, well, you’re not going to Heaven or Hell. One of us, and lord I hope it’s me, we’re gonna make a mistake and toss you out into the Empty. And nothing comes back from that.”

Misha Collins said that Castiel was in a place that had been mentioned but never seen. We’ve seen Heaven, Hell, Purgatory and an alternate world where Sam and Dean were never born. We haven’t seen the Empty. Maybe that’s where Castiel is. Billie’s fellow reapers could certainly drop him there, and Castiel is the one who killed her. They were warned that there would be cosmic consequences if the Winchesters didn’t live up to their deal with her.

“Big Empty” is also the title of a song by Stone Temple Pilots. Many of Supernatural’s episode titles come from songs.

There’s a lot to look forward to in the new season. How do you think the 13th season is shaping up?

Supernatural returns on October 12, 2017 on the CW.

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