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CHANNEL ZERO Enters NO-END HOUSE September 20th

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Last October Syfy jumped aboard the Creepypasta bandwagon with the six-part limited series Channel Zero: Candle Cove. A show that seemingly came out of nowhere (at least to me, I’ll admit it), Candle Cove turned out to be a very original, deeply unsettling, and uniquely slow burn horror series. The ratings and critical success of Candle Cove prompted Syfy to renew Channel Zero for three more seasons.

The second season adapts No-End House, a trilogy from Brian Russell. Amy Forsyth, Aisha Dee, and Jeff Ward are some of the foolhardy teenagers entering the titular House, along with genre stalwart John Carrol Lynch as one of the (most likely) unreliable adults.

From American Horror Story: Freak Show to The Invitation to No End House – John Carroll Lynch brings a low-key, unsettling genius to his genre roles.Image courtesy Alan Fraser/Syfy.

If the first season of Channel Zero taught viewers anything (besides what a wonderful surprise this show was), it is this. What unfolds on screen will have the same basic DNA of its print parent, but will develop a very unique take on that story. Nobody who read the original Candle Cove story could’ve predicted what showrunner Nick Antosca, director Craig William Macneill, and the talented company of writers, actors, and crew created.

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If you don’t want to take my word for it, try this experiment at home. Visit the Creepypasta Wiki and read the original Candle Cove story by Kris Straub. Then go to and watch (at least) the first episode of Channel Zero: Candle Cove. Do the story and the show have the same story skeleton? Yes. Is the television version ultimately its own animal? Yes again.

Try the same process with the longer three part story Brian Allan Russell over at the Wiki (No End House Part 1No End House Part 2, and No End House Part 3)

Then immerse yourself in the first No-End House teaser trailer released last November.



Compare the original story with the full-on nightmare fuel of the latest trailer.


Just as each Creepypasta adapted by Channel Zero transforms into new creature compared to its origin story, each season of the show will be markedly different from each other in look and tone – by design. On a Channel Zero: Candle Cove conference call, showrunner Nick Antosca compared the mood and style of that first season with No End House.

Candle Cove is an almost pastoral style. It’s very restrained. It’s very composed and there is this kind of sense of lush greenery and sinister things lurking … in the woods.

No End House is an almost suburban story in the sense of John Carpenter movies or It Follows … it’s about a younger group of people and the visual style is more kinetic. One goal was for each season to be very cinematically distinctive, to be a showcase for a different director and talented DP (Director of Photography).”


According to Bloody Disgusting, the third season will adapt “Staircases”, with the fourth season bringing “Hidden Door” to life.



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