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SciFi4Chicks Finds Out ORPHAN BLACK Is Missing The Good Liquor


Oh, Scott… Once again, he fails at his Orphan Black life. Last time, he forgot to make a second copy of the secret code. This week, he failed to provide Cosima with hard liquor. SciFi4Chicks was very disappointed with him.

What else happened?

Sarah, Felix and Mrs. S took a trip to London with the hopes of tracking down the Castor Original. But they were not alone. Back home, Donnie tried to save the family business when Pouchy defected, but it was Helena who managed to secure a “full refund.” Meanwhile, Cosima became suspicious of Shay, and Delphine took the matter into her own hands.

In the end, one think is obvious: nothing will ever be the same again when Leda finally found what they’ve been looking for.

Tune in for the latest installment of SciFi4Chicks and listen to Heather and Alex as the try to figure out what’s in store for the characters and where the show could go now. How long can the show go on for? What will happen during the finale?

The panel: Heather French, Alex Callahan.

Find out who is our Clone Queen and Back-up of the week! Share your opinions and emotions about this episode in the comments below or on social media of your choice (as long as it’s Twitter), and we will see you next week!


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