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SciFi4Chicks on the Women of GRIMM


Something that Grimm has done well from the first season has been to present rounded female characters. In this episode of Women of Genre we discuss our favorite female characters and what makes them interesting. What we’d like to see more of or less of and perhaps some insight on how this show is still running strong heading into it’s 5th season.

Join Kammie, Maia, and Dorin for Women of Genre with a look at the women of Grimm, then share your thoughts with the Chicks. How have the first 4 season set up what’s to come next season? Is Juliette really gone? What about Adalind’s baby?  The Chicks have their say. Listen, then share your thoughts with us.

The panel: Kammie Settle, Maia Ades, Dorin Schadel.

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