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SciFi4Chicks: Metal Bra and the Mad Man

SciFi4Chicks is BACK!

It’s season 2 on SciFi4Chicks, and it’s time to get down to business! Heather, Kammie, Marie and Dorin talk about the latest in comic news, even though we know not of what we speak! But wait! We do! Whether it’s Wonder Woman having a female writer, Iron Man getting some new duds, Stephen Colbert becoming a superhero, or Thor having her armor all wrong, we don’t let our lack of intimate knowledge stop us from talking DC and Marvel!

Of course, once we delve into Doctor Who, it’s a different story. (Though we obviously haven’t done a recent rewatchoops! a few times!) After a briefhahadiscussion about what we are, or are not, looking forward to with the new doctor, we talk companions. Which companion is most like us? Which would we like to be? And what does Marie REALLY think of Clara…? We may never know… NOT! We try to focus on just our companions, but where’s the fun in staying on-topic?!? It is a good way to start building up your Who-ness for series 8! (Get ready for more Doctor Who podcast discussions! We’d LOVE to hear your thoughts! Let us know by EMAIL, phone, or using our NEW SciFi4Chicks Twitter feed! Follow us and share your funnies, photos and more @SciFi4Chicks! It’s where we found and mutually followed @HerStoryArc which gave us these articles that helped in our discussion…

So I’m Guessing You’ve Heard About Thor, but did you also know…
A “Raggedy Man’s” Companions: Saviors or Saved?

 Until next time, enjoy this episode of SciFi4Chicks… get ready, it’s a long one! (Tell us which companion YOU are!)

The panel: Heather French, Kammie Settle, Marie Lim, Dorin Schadel.


And don’t forget to call or write in with your Sci Fi/Fantasy first… what first made you obsessed with SFF! If we have time, we’ll share your story on-air!



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One thought on “SciFi4Chicks: Metal Bra and the Mad Man

  • Love it. I guess this podcast was done before it turned out the Master incarnated as a woman. I sure hope that means it’s not impossible for the Doctor to incarnate as a woman. My favorite episode(s) were the ones in the library. Everyone died, but the story still had a happy ending! (I was really annoyed when they ruined the happy ending by having the 11th Doctor refuse to visit River Song anymore.) My favorite companion was Liz Shaw in original series. She was gotten rid of due to sexism — no one wants a woman that intelligent or something just as explicit to that effect — so my loyalty to her is particularly strong. The actress who played her also did a great job dealing with deliberately anti-feminist dialogue with dignity. She was one of the only companions to earn her spot by being an excellent scientist whom the Doctor respected. I tried, but could never forgive the Jo Grant character who replaced her for being so dim. (According to Wikipedia, the actress claimed that sexism wasn’t a current concern, so it was okay. [groan!]) I think I’m a lot less into the horror side of things than you, but it’s still so fun to come across other women into scifi in general and Doctor Who in particular. And yay for you for not feeling you have to read all the back issues of comic books and graphic novels to state an opinion on the Marvel universe movies! I really love it.

    Here’s a question I’d like to hear you talk about: what is different about Doctor Who’s place in England relative to Star Trek’s place in the U.S.? I’m convinced that there are important differences, but whenever I try to formulate them, I immediately think of counterexamples. What do you think?


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