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SciFi4Chicks Doesn’t Want to Say Good-bye (to GOTHAM)

It feels as if Gotham only just started, and it’s already time for a midseason finale. But at least they are saying their goodbyes with a bang! Because… Remember how last week Harvey Dent promised Jim that he would make sure nobody would find out who is their super secret, hush-hush witness and our reaction here at SciFi4Chicks may have been “yeah… good luck with that”? Exactly.

In a plot twist that surprised absolutely no one (aside from Jim, of course), Cat’s identity leaks and she spends the entire episode running from an incredibly awesome Bitch Assassin. And that wasn’t even half of the spectacular action in this episode.

In this installment of SciFi4Chicks, Heather and Alex discuss the Assassin Code and how incredibly lucky Bruce is to face down two professional killers and never even get shot. Of course we don’t dwell too long on that because we’re too busy criticising Falcone and how he clearly has a blind spot for Fish. We’re also really not over Lovecraft. Remember our confusion and rant from last week? Well we are even more confused and even more frustrated with him this week. It may or may not be connected to the amount of screen time he was given in the episode named after him.

We would probably spend the entire podcast ranting about that, but thankfully, we got distracted by the awesome badassery displayed by Alfred and the ultimate cute: Bruce and Kat. We know that those two are way too young to ship them, so we decided to just canoe them (#canoeing, #BatCanoe). Because how can we not?

The panel: Heather French, Alex Callahan.

Tune in to our latest SciFi4Chick podcast and let us know what do you think of the episode. Also, don’t forget to join us on Twitter with the hashtag #BatCanoe!


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