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RUMOR HAS IT – Gotham & The Flash, the 100 season 2, casting news and more!


We learn more and more about the shows that will expand the DC Universe beyond Arrow, so if you want to know more about Gotham and The Flash, look below. We also got some teasers about the 100 season two, from the show’s executive producer. Not to mention some casting news that will make The Returned and Beauty & the Beast fans really happy. Read on!

Spoilers_RedBannerNews from the DC Universe

Gotham star Ben McKenzie talked to Entertainment Weekly about his upcoming show and what we can expect from his character, Jim Gordon.

He’s a truly honest man. The last honest man in a city full of crooked people. It’s very tricky nowadays to play a true, honest-to-goodness hero. Everybody is so cynical of people’s intentions. What’s interesting about him is he comes into this city that he hasn’t lived in for two decades, since he was a kid, and has fresh eyes to a world he doesn’t actually know. He thinks he knows it, and his journey will be to figure out how to make it better both for Gotham and himself without completely [losing] the moral standing that he has. He’s not an anti-hero, he’s a true hero — but he will have to compromise.

This is not a Batman-from-the-’50s kind of show, with moral duality in black and white. In this world, everybody lives in the grey. Everybody is on the take. Everybody is compromised. There is no way he’ll emerge unscathed from that. How does he hold onto the thread of his mortality while getting things done?

The Flash Facebook page posted a quick video introducing us to the S.T.A.R Labs scientists that will be helping Barry Allen learn about his new abilities

What the Future Holds

TNT released an overview of their upcoming new show The Last Ship, full of new footage and behind the scenes interviews that definitely left me excited. Take a look at it below:

HuffPost TV spoke with The 100 executive producer Jason Rothenberg about the season finale that aired this week, as well as what we can expect from season two.

Season 2 is going to be very, very different, obviously, for many reasons. The Ark is on the ground for the most part. The grown-ups are on the ground and we’re really beginning to widen the scope of the show and explain this world that these people from the Ark have been dropped into. So in Season 1, we lived in perspective almost exclusively, at least on the ground, of those 100 kids, and so we didn’t know anything. They’ve only been on the ground for something like 29 days by the finale, so we know as much as they do as an audience. Now they’re scattered and they’re in various parts of this world, and we begin to learn more about that world as they do. So that’s one of the things I think we’re going to lean into more — the sweeping adventure of it.

Rothenberg also talked about the Mountain Men, the Grounders and the Reapers.

We will understand how those pieces all fit together and the ongoing conflict the 100 and now the population of the Ark have landed in the middle of. Those Grounders are warriors and they were that way long before the kids dropped down from the sky. We’ll understand the various sides of the conflict, what everybody wants. They’re all fighting for the survival of their own people from a very limited pot of resources. And so we’ll understand who’s allied and who’s sort of at war. The 100 will factor into that and so will the people from the Ark in Season 2.

[The Grounders] look at “The 100” as being provocative and as the ones starting this conflict. And then through Ricky Whittle’s character, Lincoln, I think it’s fairly clear that they’re not all bad and it’s safe to say he’s not the only good Grounder. So one of the things I knew I wanted to do was make them more complicated, and to do that and still have real antagonism in the show, I knew that we needed to introduce others that were worse. And sort of that’s where the Reapers fit in, in terms of this season anyway, but again we’ll understand [the antagonisms among the various groups in Season 2]. The Mountain Men, we’ll get to know them much better in Season 2, and we’ll understand what role each of them play against each other and with each other.

Casting News

The Returned is slowly shaping up to be a show to watch, if the cast is anything to go by. Michelle Forbes, known from such gems as Battlestar Galactica, and more recently Orphan Black, will be joining the show as Helen Goddard, one of the Returned. It’s yet unknown if this will affect Forbes’ role on Orphan Black, but I, for one, hope it doesn’t mean we will be saying goodbye to Marion this season. It would be a huge waste.

In other news, after the cancellation of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars spinoff Ravenswood, show’s star Nicole Gale Anderson will be coming back to the CW’s Beauty & the Beast, reprising her role as Heather Chandler, Catherine’s sister. After she agreed to return to the show, she was promptly promoted to series regular.

Blast From the Past

In 2013 FOX developed a pilot based on the bestselling series of YA novels Delirium by Lauren Oliver. While FOX passed on the pilot and it was never picked up, Hulu and WIGS teamed up and you can now watch the unaired pilot, for a limited time.

Check out the trailer for this Emma Roberts show below:


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