Star Wars Rebels coming this year, a fully animated CGI series produced by Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm Animation. Set 14 years after the Revenge of the Sith, this show will air on Disney XD. The teasers Spark and Ignite, each under a minute long, have been released to promote the airing of the show this fall.


The new show will be sporting a whole band of new characters, a ragtag bunch of rebels in the starship Ghost is off to find their destinies and spark a rebellion against the corrupt Empire.

The pilot of the Ghost is Hera, a Twi’Lek fighter. She is voiced by Vanessa Marshall, who voiced Black Widow in The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as well as acting in a variety of other animated shows. [MORE on her IMDB] Hera is strong willed and a talented flyer, keeping both her ship, and the crew together. Keeping her eye on efficiency and getting the job done, rather than being glamorous, Hera has great potential as leader of the rebels.

Alongside her is Kanan, dubbed “The Cowboy Jedi”. Surviving the purge of Jedi that was ordered by the empire, and joining the crew. He gave up his robes and sabre, and replaced them with a holster and armor. However, this show will let us see him once again take upon him the responsibility that is being a Jedi as he finds himself among the sparks of rebellion. He will be voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr., who is known for movies like Scooby-Doo. [MORE on his IMDB].

Keeping the crew of the Ghost on their toes is Sabine, a spunky explosive and graffiti artist. She has reason to fight against the Empire, but there is not information as to why that might be. Hopefully her backstory and reason to rebel will be revealed throughout the show. Meant to be a inspiration with her strong nature, this Mandalorian could be a very interesting addition to the show. She will be voiced by Tiya Sicar. [MORE on her IMDB]

Zeb, distinctly alien in look, is another piece of the puzzling, jumble of people on the crew. Although brutish and a strong fighter, he is also well educated and very sarcastic. More is to be revealed about his race as he bonds or clashes with the rest of the crew through the course of the show. His look is similar to some of the original Ralph McQuarrie concepts for Chewbacca. He will be played by Steve Blum, who is a very prolific voice actor, having parts in a large amount of video games and television series. [MORE on his IMBD]

A thief on the streets, 14-year-old Ezra is helped to realize that there are people who are pushing for something good in the empire. His destiny will be found alongside the crew of the Ghost as he becomes more aware of his skills that are due his symbiotic nature with the midi-chorians inside him. He was highly influenced as he grew up on the streets, but is able to fend for himself. Ezra will be played by Taylor Gray. [MORE on his IMDB]

Droids are almost essential to any good story set in the Star Wars universe, and this show doesn’t disappoint. C1-10P, or Chopper, was taken from concept art for R2-D2 and is likened to being the family cat, where R2 is the family dog. In charge of keeping the complex ship together and running smoothly for the heroes of our show he is a truly unique droid that will add character and humor to the show through his grumpy, time-taking manner.

No story is complete without a villain, and from the sinister look and sound of the Inquisitor, I doubt Rebels will disappoint. He is said to be going after the remaining Jedi, as part of the purge that took place. Not much luck for our heroes and within their ranks are an almost Youngling and an “ex” Jedi.

Below is a video with executive producer Dave Filoni talking about some of the people and concepts that will be involved with the show.


Coming up soon along with the premiere are a bunch of new toys centered around the show. These include two different LEGO sets that include figures of the characters and two ships. Also available will be a Command Star Destroyer Set, and an Inquisitor Lightsaber. As well as a number of figures including Chopper, Kanan, and Ezra.

With luck this show will be a hit, and will add to the stories and world of Star Wars that we have had so far. The question is if it will spark what they hope and be a hit, or if it will flop and leave a hole of what was hope for more story in the Star Wars universe. You can find more information the the Star Wars website.


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