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Roundup 8.13.11: TEEN WOLF

Talking Season Two

Filmmaker Russell Mulcahy, who made his mark with Highlander, sat down with Assignment X and talked about the work on season one of “Teen Wolf” and how he and the crew tried to make it feel as cinematic as possible. Plus, he talks about the upcoming second season.

We got the announcement [the week of July 18]. We are so happy. We start shooting in November, back in Atlanta, and the cast will be back.

This is sort of a homecoming year for Mulcahy, who got his start in music videos. In fact, Mulcahy directed the first video that ever aired on MTV: “Video Killed the Radio Star”. And he’ll also be attending a 25th anniversary screening of Highlander this month, as well.

Meanwhile, Crystal Reed talks with Digital Spy about the changes that are in store for Allison next season, which means she likely won’t be one of the two deaths in the season one finale, as hinted by series exec Jeff Davis in an interview with Zap2It. Reed says the character may become “more like Sarah Connor” next season.

Davis, in his interview, confirmed that there will be a female werewolf next year, but won’t say if it’s Lydia or some new character. And the season finale will actually have two finales built into the episode.

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Talking Teen Wolf Too

Jason Bateman recently popped up on CBS “Sunday Morning”, where he discussed his career as an actor, including some not-so-positive comments about Teen Wolf, Too. The actor may have found success as a grown-up actor after his time as a successful teen actor, but he says that movie was not a high point in his career.

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Bateman even re-enacted a scene from the movie while promoting The Change Up on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” after Fallon showed a clip of Bateman “wolfing out”. Bateman said he could do it better, so that’s what they tried to do: See more here.

Shopping with Jackson & Lydia

The Insider spent time with Colton Haynes and Holland Roden, who went shopping for jeans and other such things recently. You can see the full video HERE.

Crushing on Selena

Dylan O’Brien was at the Teen Choice Awards, where he got a hug from Selena Gomez, and took to his Twitter account to rave about it.

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Don’t forget the finale is coming up. “Teen Wolf” airs Monday nights on MTV.

You can see Dustin and Molly’s recaps over on our YouTube Channel.

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