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Roundup 7.12.11: Star Wars [UPDATED]

Scouring the Holonet so you don’t have to!

Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III Now Available

Seth Green, Matt Senreich and the crew of Robot Chicken, known best for perverting your childhood memories of shows and toys you loved, have done it again!  Their most recent lampoon of the Star Wars universe is available on Blu-ray and DVD now!

Get all the details, including an interview with Seth and Matt at!

Star Wars Cleared for Planetfall in Dubai

George Lucas has given his blessing to a new book, “Dark Lens,” featuring a collection of photographs by Cédric Delsaux that “depict characters and spaceships from the Star Wars films against…scenes of Dubai.”  Lucas even wrote an introduction for the publication.  While the photos have been exhibited before, this will be the first time they are published.

The book is due this October.

The National 

… but Not in Bay Ridge

The Wicked Monk bar in Brooklyn had planned a 13-hour Star Wars marathon, complete with a costume contest and space-themed drink specials. However, the folks at Lucasfilm served them a “cease and desist” order, claiming the bar was charging for the event. The bar folks say the fee was to cover the cost of the drinks. Organizer organizer Mike DeVito says, “I think [Lucas] has become worse than [Darth Vader]. Darth Vader is at least redeemable.”

Lucasfilm’s elite—the lawyers, not the 501st—forced organizers to call off the screening of all six Star Wars films, where two hundred fans had planned to attend.  Now, watching the films on DVD is their only hope.

You can fight the Emperor, but you can’t fight Copyright Law.

[More at The Gothamist]   [More at the Toronto Sun]

LEGO Star Wars Invades your DVR

Unless you live in the Outer Rim, you are likely aware of the LEGO Star Wars video game series and its wide success.  What you may not know is, LEGO Star Wars is making the jump to television with a 30-minute special!

Lego Star Wars: The Padawan Menace focuses on Yoda, the Droids you are looking for, and a group of Jedi younglings as they find themselves right in the middle of the Sith’s newest sinister plot.

The Padawan Menace premiers Friday, July 22 at 7 pm ET on Cartoon Network! 

Star Wars: Galactic Warfare COD4 Mod Released

Do you like Star Wars?  Do you like First person shooters?  Do you miss the days of Jedi Knight and Battlefront?  While we all wait for Lucasarts to give us another Kyle Katarn adventure, check out this complete modification of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, released last week by BlackMonkey modding team.

Fight the Empire (or crush the Rebellion) in Mos Eisley, the cloud city of Bespin, and five other locations.  Weapons, character skins and kill streaks have been completely replaced with those true to the Star Wars universe.

Gamespy  |  Download

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