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Season 4, episode 3: “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?”

Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph. For the most part this show keeps getting better. I can’t say that about every character’s storyline but for the majority of them it leaves you wishing it aired every night.

Where to begin? Last week we ended with Sookie driving down a dark street only to find Eric wondering along shirtless and clueless. He knows he’s a vampire but not much else. It’s like he is meeting Sookie for the first time and this is exactly where we start with them this week.

It takes Sookie several minutes of mildly interrogating Eric on just what happened to him. He is finally able to cobble together some train of thought that involves witches taking away everything that he is and leaving him as a very polite, amiable stranger to everyone. Sookie takes him back to her, I mean his, house to clean him up and figure out what to do with him. Realizing he doesn’t know he is the rightful owner, and can come and go as he pleases, she plays along that she has to invite him in. This ruse only works for so long before Pam comes and lets the proverbial cat out of the bag. We are treated to a rare scene that I think you’ll probably never see again. As Sookie is washing the mud from Eric’s feet she accidentally tickles him causing him to smile and laugh. This gives Sookie, and us for that matter, a brief look at what Eric might have been like back in his Nordic homeland before he joined the undead. Sookie calls in some reinforcements. Pam is none to happy with what has happened to her maker and she presents the task of taking care of Eric to Sookie while Sookie would rather call Bill and have him deal with it. Pam threatens her about going to Bill since she suspects that Bill set Eric up by sending him to the witches knowing exactly what they would do. After thinking about this I have to say she might be right but only time will tell.

Poor Jason Stackhouse. Still tied to the bed and getting nowhere fast. Despite the many attempts by Crystal to explain to him what they’re doing to him he still doesn’t grasp the situation. All torn up from them feeding on him he remains tied to the bed and given nothing but water and homemade Viagra. She wants to make sure that he can perform when needed. Turns out with all the inbreeding they haven’t had much success keeping the bloodline going so now they’re actually trying to think outside the box as it were. I’m hoping that next week they will wrap up this baby making kidnapping as it is getting old seeing Jason being wasted all this time tied up doing nothing while we subjected to Sheriff Andy still tweaking and using V while having no idea where his best deputy has disappeared to. Andy has gotten so bad that he has even taken to pulling a gun on Sam for having low hanging trees outside his joint.

Jessica pays a visit to Bill in what becomes an almost touching father/daughter type moment when she seeks his advice about stepping out on Hoyt. She is quick to point out that she only a fed on another guy, a willing guy at that, and would never sleep with anyone else. Bill, who probably knows a thing or two about lying, tells her that honesty is the best policy and it would hurt Hoyt more to hear it from someone else.

Taking his advice she returns home and drops the bomb on Hoyt. At first I thought he was okay with it after he realized that she only fed on the guy. But I was wrong. He was slightly peeved and started to head out the door in anger. Realizing how bad she hurt him Jessica raced to the door to stop him and glammed him to forget any of it ever happened. Who here agrees with me that that’s going to come back and bite her in the butt?

Marnie and her witchy crew are baffled by what happened with Eric and can’t figure out how she got him to leave. They want to contact the authorities but Lafayette explains that Eric is old and evil and way above the local law. Later he explains to his concern about their predicament to Jesus and Tara over drinks. Not knowing that Eric has no recollection of their involvement he comes up with a plan to go to Fangtasia and beg for mercy. Tara and Jesus strictly forbid him from doing something stupid like going to Fangtasia. Yeah, right. You know how this is going to end.

Sam finally sees that Tara is back in town and they continued with their flirtatious banter only to be interrupted when Jesus notices that Lafayette has scooted out of Merlotte’s unnoticed. So off to Fangtasia we go were Pam already has Lafayette down in the basement and is about to punish him (so much for mercy) when Tara and Jesus barge in. Looks like Tara has learned a thing or two from her various encounters with the local vampire community. She’s sporting a handgun which she kindly informs Pam is loaded with wooden bullets. They make her a deal. In exchange for releasing Lafayette they will bring Marnie to Eric to undo what she did. Not given much of a choice Pam lets Lafayette go but gives them a 24 hour deadline to deliver the witch or else she is going to do some very unkind things them that are not fit to print here.

Realizing she has tapped into something big and powerful Marnie decides to offer herself up as a tool to whatever entity overtook her before. To prove herself she slashes her wrist several times and drips the blood into a golden goblet. We finally get a glimpse in the mirror of the mysterious woman from last week that Eric saw. Still no idea who she is but I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of her.

Still trying to figure out what to do with Eric Sookie seeks out Alcide who has moved away. At his house she is stunned to learn that he is living with a supposedly reformed and rehabbed crazy Debbie. Taken aback Sookie decides she should just leave him out of it because she doesn’t have much interest in Debbie trying to kill her again.

Bill is presented with a new business offer from Portia Bellefleur. She surmises that since they’re business relationship has gone so well why not add sex to it. If she is okay with the fact that he can’t and won’t love her then he would be open to it. Can you believe she actually fell for that old ‘my heart is too old and love requires a young heart’ line? Me either. Nevertheless, this new business arrangement is promptly consummated. I think she’s plotting something but I’m just not sure what side she is on.

Tommy finds a way to bridge the brotherly gap between him and Sam. Turns out Hoyt’s momma is setting on some land with natural gas under it and there’s a big pay day coming. Only thing is she doesn’t know it since Tommy intercepted the message. He presents Sam with his scheme to buy her house, with a little seed money from Sam of course, for next to nothing and then keep all the natural gas loot for themselves. Like stealing candy from a baby or so Tommy thought. Big brother isn’t having it and chastises Tommy for trying to take advantage of someone who has been nothing but nice to him. I don’t think these two are ever going to be on the same page.

We do go out on a high note as Eric drains Sookie’s fairy godmother who has come to take her back to fairy land. After she yells at him like he has been a bad dog he actually apologizes. Nice.

So the big lingering questions for next week is how long will Eric not be Eric and what happens when Marnie comes face-to-face with him again? That is assuming Jesus, Lafayette and Tara can convince her to try and undo her curse. Now that Crystal has mated with the changing Jason what happens to him next? Will there be a new panther litter? What happens when your fairy godmother dies? I don’t know but I can’t wait to find out.

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