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Planet Comicon 2014 — Cosplay Wrap-Up

Planet Comicon 2014 has come and gone, with estimates putting this year’s attendance around 50,000 people! Were you there?

As part of our expansion of Cosplay Diaries, Annaleigh Josephs and Marie Lim chat for a bit about the various costumes we saw in Kansas City — superheroes, action heroes, lots of Harleys…



One thought on “Planet Comicon 2014 — Cosplay Wrap-Up

  • I was actually one of the cosplayers there (the dark world version of thor) and i spoke very briefly to the guy dressed as a brony, and i can tell you he wasnt a brony. I dont mean that in some elitest sense, he literally said that he heard about adult men who like my little pony on the internet and he decided to dress like one.

    so yeah, i guess thats what he thinks bronies are.


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