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From (unjustly obscure) Zombie Honeymoon and (much more famous) Shawn of the Dead (both 2004) to Warm Bodies (2013), the zombie apocalypse has proved to be an unlikely, although entertaining, chance to watch characters find love while avoiding the undead hordes amidst the ruins of civilization. The latest entry in this small but entertaining zombie subgenre is Night of the Living Deb, schedule for release on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital September 6, 2016, from MPI Media Group.

Deb (Maria Thayer) learns how to improvise her way through the Zombie Apocalypse.
Deb (Maria Thayer) learns how to improvise her way through the zombie apocalypse.

A standard “meet cute” opening turns into a nightmarish morning after for Ryan (Paul Rudd doppelgänger Michael Cassidy) and Deb (Maria Thayer). A plague of the undead gives the pair no option but escape to the supposed refuge of the McMansion of Michael’s wealthy father (genre stalwart Ray Wise). Will the comforts of home prove to be more dangerous than brain-munching zombies?

Night of the Living Deb's secret weapon against Zombies? Genre legend Ray Wise.
Night of the Living Deb‘s secret weapon against Zombies? Genre legend Ray Wise.

A successful Zom-Rom-Com has to keep many plates spinning through its run time. Balancing the moments of laughs, romance, action with the occasional gross-out is the task for director Kyle Rankin, winner of Project Greenlight’s second season.

How will Night of the Living Deb compare to other Zom-Rom-Com movies? Check out the trailer below.


For more information, visit the movie’s Facebook page and the Dark Sky Films website.


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