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Marveling at Captain America, SDCC, and the Hulk

Chris Evans in his WWII costume.

Marvel at “Captain America: The First Avenger”

“Captain America: The First Avenger”opens up in theaters today! This is the Marvel’s fifth and final film before “The Avengers”comes out in 2012. Reviewers appear to have very mixed opinions on the movie and I think it has a lot to do with their view of Marvel and their knowledge of the comics before seeing the movie. In more detailed reviews like this one by Emanuel Levy, the movie is painted as a sort of lackluster tribute to the original Captain America.

Overall, Captain America is not as interesting or as entertaining as the first Iron Man, or even Thor, which was decent but no more (See links to my reviews above). This is partly due to the kind of old-fashioned hero that the character represents, made even more square and bland by the casting of Chris Evans, who’s handsome but lack strong screen presence.”

He does go on to speak very highly of the supporting cast, “One of the problems of Captain America as a movie is that, unlike Iron Man, and to a lesser extent Thor, its secondary characters, both good and evil, are far more interesting and complex than the nominal hero, who’s square as Rogers to begin with and becomes even more vanilla once he is transformed.” And in less detailed reviews, such as this one from, Justin Craig says, “The summer’s super hero race has come to a finish and the last ‘supe’ out of the blocks just happens to be the best. Captain America: The First Avenger is the best of the Marvel flicks, and will probably be the most fun you’ll have at the movies this summer. Director Joe Johnston (The Rocketeer, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids) seamlessly blends the nostalgia of WWII and the science-fiction gadgetry of H.G. Wells into a beautifully crafted adventure.”

[Editor’s note: By the way, did you see the news that Joe Johnston wants to make a Boba Fett movie?]

Most of the critics actually agreed (can you believe it??) that it was a good idea to keep the movie set in the 1940s era, instead of trying to set up the movie during modern times to please the modern audience. “What makes Captain America interesting is that it is simultaneously a war movie and a superhero movie, executing all the trappings of both very well,” claims Mat DeKinder in his review.

After reading all of these reviews and articles, I have come to the conclusion I need to see it for myself. I’ve never read the comic books and have only seen the Iron Man movies (the first and second), so I’m really curious now to see for myself how they portray Captain America. A movie review of my own might be on its way!

Marvel at Comic-Con

At Comic-Con, Metropolis Collectibles ( will have their “Super Soldiers”. This particular comic book collection is from the early days of Captain America, including over 250 Golden Age comic books in excellent condition. If you are lucky enough to be at Comic-Con, you can see this at booth 5516 and 5517!

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And don’t forget we have our own coverage of the SDCC and schedules for signings! It can be found HERE!

Is There No Justice for the Hulk?


Is a Hulk remake in the works? It appears that the other Avengers are getting their time in the spotlight, so why not the Hulk? If you love the Hulk as much as this guy does, then you are probably asking all of the same questions he addresses in his article:

[ MORE at ]

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