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Mad Cave Studios Hosts Talent Contest

Independent comic book publisher Mad Cave Studios, creators of comics such as Battlecats, Knights of the Golden Sun, and Midnight Task Force, are looking to give a voice to up and coming artists and writers. They’ve just announced a talent contest.

Mark London, CEO of Mad Cave Studios, says that in an industry like comics some talented people fall to the wayside without ever getting a shot. “Its hard to break into the industry,” London said. “It’s hard to actually get a shot making comic books; some people think it’s easy but unfortunately it’s not.”

London says that it’s hard work to simply get into the industry and even harder to succeed. This talent contest was created to give those talented individuals a chance to have their work seen.

“We decided to do this because there are a lot of people out there without a voice,” London said. “No one knows them, and it is difficult to get a foot in the door or to even have their scripts read. We know exactly how hard it is, so we wanted to give those who are really talented a shot to publish their own comic books.”

This is the second year that Mad Cave has hosted this talent contest, and they decided to do it again based off the success of last year. “We are hoping to catch lightning again,” London said. “Last year was a success, we got 4 very talented writers and 4 very talented artists, and hopefully this year we can replicate that.”

Mad Cave is looking for storytellers. London says that it’s difficult to tell a story panel to panel, but the reward is worth it.

“We are looking for unique voices.” London said. “Some people don’t realize that it is hard to tell a story panel to panel. Can you move me with your words? Can you move me with your art? That’s the type of people we are looking for.”

Last years winners are releasing their own story called Shows End next month, and that goes to show the opportunity that this talent contest presents to those who have been unable to break into the comic book industry.

Winners of the contest will work on new projects for Mad Cave Studios and be able to use their creativity to move the industry forward. “You won’t be working on existing ideas.” London said. “We are looking for new ideas and have a few we really want to work on.”

The talent contest ends Sept, 1, 2019. Guidelines and submission details can be found at

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