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AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Gives Us Their Answer, Do – LEVEL ELEVENTY-SEVEN 40


S2E10 “What They Become”

Lots of reveals and exposition in the winter finale! In a well-crafted scene, we learn the identity of both the Doctor and Skye. Ward gets a little come-uppance, and finds a new ally in the process — although he could be playing Agent 33 just as easily as he’s actually helping her. Whitehall gets his… or does he? FitzSimmons finally seems to start clicking again. And oh, Tripp…

The reveals: [HIGHLIGHT FOR SPOILERS: the Doctor is Calvin Zabo, Skye is Daisy Johnson, Raina could be Tigra, and is that the Inhuman called Reader in the tag? :End SPOILERS]

The end is earth-shattering! Game-changing! Life-altering!

The Panel: Kammie Settle, Maia Ades, Dan Handley, Tim Harvey, Jason Hunt

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