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Indie Publishing House Launches “Inkshares & Horror” Contest

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Fancy yourself the next Steven King, Dean Koontz, or R.L. Stine? Now’s your chance. Starting Friday, August 14, aspiring horror authors can enter the Inkshares and Horror Contest. Three winners will see their books join other Inkshares horror titles like Dracula v. Hitler by Patrick Sheane Duncan or A God In The Shed by J.F. Dubeau (check out our SciFi4Me review of Shed here).

Partnering with Inkshares for this inaugural horror contest are some people, retailers, and websites you might have heard of, shopped in, or consulted for your next horror fix. The Blood List (run by Kailey Marsh) features the year’s best unproduced horror, scifi, and dark genre scripts. Websites Dread Central and HorrorTalk, The Horror Writer’s Association of America, Barnes and Noble Booksellers, Weed Road Productions, Energy Entertainment are also partnering with the publisher The guiding force behind The Purge movie series, James Demonaco, is also on the Guest Judge panel.

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Oakland, California based Inkshares started in 2014 with a unique publshing model perfect for the Internet Age. Aspiring writers post their works on “draft pages” on the Inkshares site, interact with readers and develop their ideas. If a writer gets to the point of developing their work into a book, Inkshares starts to sell pre-orders. If 250 people want to get a copy of your title, Inkshares publishes it.

The Inkshares Horror contest follows the company’s usual publishing model, with a twist. Winners will be, according to the contest rules, “the top three horror books on Inkshares in terms of unique reader pre-order counts. The judges may also select additional books based on their own criteria. All three (or more) books will be published by Inkshares even if they haven’t reached their pre-order goal.

So fire up that keyboard, let your imagination loose, and get writing – just make sure you submit your entery by the October 31st deadline! – main site

Inkshares 2017 Horror Contest – contest page

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