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Henry Golding in Talks for G.I. Joe Spinoff SNAKE EYES

Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians) is in talks to star in the G.I. Joe spinoff film Snake Eyes. This, according to a report in Variety.

There is currently no word on what the film will be about, or when it will be released. Director Robert Schwentke (The Captain) is directing and Brian Goldner, the chief executive of Hasbro, is producing. Evan Spiliotopoulos, writer of Beauty and the Beast and The Huntsman: Winter’s War, is writing the script. The movie is to be the third G.I. Joe film produced by Paramount Pictures in the last decade.

Snake Eyes first appeared in 1982, one of the original cast of characters in the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero franchise that covered animation, comics, and toys. He’s the team’s premiere commando, with much of his history and identity classified. Early in the character’s story, he was injured in a helicopter explosion, which left his vocal cords damaged beyond repair. As a result, the character is mostly silent.

Snake Eyes will also be the center of attention in a new comic book mini-series written by Rob Liefeld and published by IDW.

The news of Golding’s potential casting follows word that Paramount is looking to cast unknowns for a new team of Joes in G.I. Joe: Ever Vigilant. Earlier this year, there was a rumor that Hasbro would be working up a shared universe of stories to the G.I. Joe, Micronauts, Visionaries, M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand), and ROM properties. The films will be produced by Hasbro’s Allspark banner.


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