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H2O #98: In Which We Discuss the Demise of DOCTOR WHO


“Steven Moffat is leaving Doctor Who, and the show is in peril! Whatever shall we do? It’s a disaster!”

“Steven Moffat is leaving Doctor Who! Break out the keg! Woo hoo!”

Take your pick; there’s no denying that Steven Moffat has both fans and detractors who will be reacting very strongly to his departure from the show. And what does this mean for Peter Capaldi’s presence? How long will he last as the Doctor? And what will the schedule do for audience numbers?

MoffatWatch begins:

[su_audio url=”http://www.podcasts.com/download/98-In-Which-We-Discuss-the-Demise-of-DOCTOR-WHO-a9e5″]



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