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Episode 3.16 “Synchronicity”


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After a one week break Grimm is back. Overall this was a good episode. We even got some Nick Burkhardt back story. Good thing the writers didn’t try to cram a new Wesen creature into the plot. There wasn’t room for more of anything.




Grimm - Season 3

So this is the child. The child that will change the world? The event that brought scalp gathering Wildesheer? Is this also the coming danger that the Queen Mellifer warned Nick of in season one? Is it possible that this was the plan of the show creators all along? I’ve felt like most of the time the show has not had a long term plan. There have been some story arcs that have spanned several episodes, even taken us from one season into the next. But I didn’t see an overall journey for the show. If this has been the plan all along I’ll be surprised, very surprised.

Whatever the truth is, it seems that we’ve been building up to something big. This could be great for the show or it could be a disaster. If they pull it off and fans love what they do, they’ve got a winner. If the payoff isn’t enough for the two seasons of buildup this could be Grimm‘s downfall. The show has been building audience numbers each season. But, fans are fickle and if they don’t like what they see, they’ll leave just as easily.

The web of character connections became very tight this week. Everyone had at least one direct connection to someone else and most had several. Most of the story this week is about getting Adalind and baby to safety in Portland. Even though it isn’t non stop action, there’s plenty going on surrounding the baby. We still don’t know who the daddy is, or why the child is so powerful. Kelly later says it’s because of the rituals that Adalind went through to regain her Hexenbiest powers. But I wonder if it’s not also because of who her parents are.

The B story is all about planning Monroe and Rosalee’s wedding. By all appearances that’s going well. They’ve even come up with a solution to keep Nick’s Grimm identity from the rest of the Wesen guests. Finally, Nick learns the question fans have been asking since the beginning: what does Nick look like to the Wesen when they woge? It’s in his eyes. They become dark voids in which they see reflected their true Wesen character. Guess that means if you’re a nasty Wesen you see something pretty nasty looking back at you.

Grimm - Season 3

Meisner takes Adalind and her baby where they are to meet someone else and get on a plane. Only the Verrat know of the plan, and they are waiting to ambush them. Luckily for Adalind and Meisner Nick’s mother, Kelly, is their contact. She’s very efficient neutralizing the six Verrat.  Kelly is still just as abrupt and unlovable as the last time we met her. I thought she knew who Adalind was and took this assignment despite who she is. Turns out she had no idea that Adlalind was the Hexenbiest that has caused so much turmoil in her family.

Grimm - Season 3

Adalind may be a mother now but she’s still whiny. Kelly does not suffer her need for sympathy. She tells Adalind to change her diaper. She’s not referring to the baby’s diaper. It’s a low blow. They definitely aren’t building a friendship dynamic. Which is probably a good thing since at the end of the episode Kelly is willing to kill Adalind if necessary to get the baby back.

Kelly gets Adalind and baby to Nick’s house, believing this will be a safe place her them. That plan kind of goes south when Juliette lunges at Adalind. The baby reacts to the aggression in the room, shaking the whole house and bending silverware on the table. This was where everyone has multiple connections. Adlalind is no friend to Nick or Juliette but also Kelly had a hand in the death of Adalind’s mother. Not sure she would have gotten on the plane if she’d known that. It’s a bit like a game of Clue; each of them has different motive, location and weapon.

Grimm - Season 3

Adalind runs off with her baby to the safety of Sean Renard. That one action has set up the conflict for next week and possibly more weeks to come. There’s going to be a battle for the baby. It sets up some interesting dynamics. From one perspective you have mother and son vs. the two lovers. From another you have a Police Captain vs. his subordinate detective. And from a third you have two Grimms vs. a Hexenbiest and a Zauberbiest. This could be interesting.

It was pretty clever of Adalind to declare Sean her baby’s father. After all, the other candidate is dead. Sean can offer her protection and he’s much more likely to do so if he believes the baby is his. That is very true to Adalind’s character. She has always used everyone around her to her advantage. She complains about seeing too many people die. If you go back to the first season she and Sean are having a conversation under a bridge. A homeless looking guy walks up interrupting their conversation. Sean has Adalind attack and presumably kill the man. In a much later episode, Sean attacks the Wesen who was running the cage fighting operation. My point is neither of them is above getting their hands dirty.

Did I not tell you that Victor was more ruthless than Eric? How would you like to be fired from your job the way that Victor does? No need to ask for reference, you won’t be starting up your job search after your employment is terminated with the Royals.

I’m going to make a prediction for the season finale; it will be about Monroe and Rosalee’s wedding and something will go very wrong. Maybe the Verrat will drop in.



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