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Season 1, Episode 2 – “So Close, Yet So Far”

Team Zombie returns with their latest video review of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead!

SciFi4Chicks Fears the Walking Dead Are So Close Yet So Far

Dustin: Well that was a thing we did.

Timothy: We are so terrible with names.

Dustin: You know I don’t remember names.

Curtis: You make up some great names though. Still love “Daughter-fodder”.

Dustin: I miss Beth, you guys.

Timothy: We all miss Beth. So that was our first real video review from Team Zombie, and while we do a pretty good job of bringing our written reviews to life, we do manage to mangle the @#$% out of Kim Dickens name repeatedly…

Dustin: You mangle her name. I call her Virginia Madsen.

Timothy: Yes. Over and over. Both the Virginia Madsen and my mangling. Our apologies to Kim.

Curtis: We are clear that we are idiots.

Timothy: This is true. We also manage to A) not use Cliff Curtis’ name once…

Curtis: He’s from New Zealand. We weren’t sure.

Timothy: … right. B) We kept calling Frank Dillane, who plays Nick, pretty much everything but his name…

Dustin: Baby Voldemort!

Timothy: … or give the name of the actor playing Dustin’s crush, Tobias…

Dustin: His name is Lincoln Castellanos. It says so on Wikipedia.

Timothy: …and I said that Ruben Blades had done a bunch of procedurals, when he really hasn’t. Ton of movies though, and he’s a musician and singer and he was the Minister of Tourism for Panama.

Curtis: Again… we’re idiots.

Dustin: Entertaining idiots. Hopefully.

Timothy: Hopefully mildly entertaining idiots. Thanks for watching folks, and we’ll see you after the next episode of Fear The Walking Dead!




Timothy Harvey

Timothy Harvey is a Kansas City based writer, director, actor and editor, with something of a passion for film noir movies. He was the art director for the horror films American Maniacs, Blood of Me, and the pilot for the science fiction series Paradox City. His own short films include the Noir Trilogy, 9 1/2 Years, The Statement of Randolph Carter - adapted for the screen by Jason Hunt - and the music video for IAMEVE’s Temptress. He’s a former President and board member for the Independent Filmmakers Coalition of Kansas City, and has served on the board of Film Society KC.

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